29 thoughts on “Lightning Hyperlink Slot Machine $25 Max Wager Bonus & BIG WIN | Excessive Restrict Dwell Slot Play At On line casino”
  1. Sharon Joachin says:

    You are amazing person thank you for sharing your video I get a handpay jackpot show me the power of your bonus

  2. monica lazarte blanc says:

    Hola de Argentina. Soy la abuela moni.te veo siempre

  3. Grand Jackpot says:

    A player may of change denominations after a bonus not necessarily leaving the machine NG

  4. DelOneL Jones says:

    He good people if you are reading this comment please follow my channel.

  5. Stephen Tung says:

    NG, All the best to you ! 加油. ^-^ greeting from HK

  6. shakeria mccoy says:

    Nice! Way to go NG…

  7. SlotBabe says:

    My favorite LL game. Great video NG!

  8. Richard Wallace says:

    NG I have won the major on lightning links 4 times! Every time I was betting $1.50. Also one major on dragon link betting $1.25 on 5cent denomination

  9. Adan.Osbely Gonzalez says:

    May God bless you for bringing us entertainment at home everyday

  10. tonya graham says:

    Congratulations N G love watching play slots Priceless

  11. Connie Keenan says:

    Woot! Woot! A win, is a WIN, is a WIN! Maybe this is a turn around!

  12. Golda D Harris says:

    NG your the best winner!

  13. Peter S says:

    How much money from YouTube?

  14. Priscilla Adriano says:

    That’s my favorite 2 since $10 I want so many jackpots on that

  15. HenryWalsh says:

    killing it with the content this month NG merry christmas and happy new year !

  16. NikkaDbarber Days says:

    Hiii Good luck

  17. Dancer Ofdrums says:

    $10 bet paid almost as much as $25. Links games pay/play better at lower bets. No reason to play them at $25.

  18. Marsha Pringle says:

    Happy you got that 25000 credits on 2 cent denomination but sure wish it was on $1 denomination. Lol. Next time!

  19. Veronica Meeley says:

    Merry Christmas NG and your wonderful family God bless and GOOD LUCK

  20. Lourdes Bondoc says:

    I wish to see you NG win the Grand prize!

  21. amanda lee says:

    Ng, maybe sometimes jump from 12.50 n 25 back n forth, it could trigger better results

  22. lucky lady says:

    Always on the top level. Thank you for all an amazing videos

  23. Buzzard Slots says:

    We always enjoy your emotional reactions NG! Fun times my friend!

  24. Nancy Mattix says:

    Great surprise video in the middle of the afternoon! Congratulations.

  25. william gerena says:


  26. Kelly Steno says:

    Really enjoy watching you everyday. Good luck!!!

  27. A Tolson says:

    What is the appropriate tip on a $1500 jackpot?

  28. Procopio Batongbakal says:

    Have a wonderful day too NG

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