6 thoughts on “LIL DEVIL Slot HEARTSTOPPER BONUS ❤️ ( £2 BET ) Compilation CASINO WIN”
  1. M. Bones says:

    I have never played this slot yet, Which bonus do you think is best for a first timer? Either "Be My Angel" or "Dynamite Lover"???

  2. SoldierOftheWorld says:

    Why would I subscribe to this bullshit. Waste of my time

  3. snert met rookworst rookworst says:

    Fucking IMPOSSIBLE to hit bonus in this game accept if get 40 hearths. Die THOUSANDS of spins NEVER hit 3 house. Insane game. Most difficult slot i ever player. Bonanza is a joke compared to this one

  4. harry2 says:

    There is a 24,000x win
    on stream with just the three shacks.

  5. harry2 says:

    Took £210 off me at 40p stake for a 13x heart stopper bonus (£5.20). Most expensive one song jukebox ever. Could have bought every single Cult album ever with that money.

  6. snaipaul says:

    More like the standard crap you get!

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