30 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE – 100 Spins a Slot Machine 🎰 100 Days of Agua Caliente CC”
  1. Santiago Acierto says:

    wheel of fortune! best game ever….laughlin nv 3/28/21

  2. Cindy Gonzalez says:

    Love watching u GL

  3. Catherine Fiehn says:

    On the first spin since when does 70 & 75 =105?? Would be 145!!!

  4. Beverly Carr says:

    Close the pot

  5. Faye Oxford says:

    Good luck from Arkansas!

  6. Crystal Scott says:

    I live in New bern n.c can someone tell me the most legit real paying casino online because to be able to go to the casinos it’s very far away but I enjoy playing real money casino even if it’s on line

  7. Angel Fisher says:

    went are you going. to Morgan

  8. Randy Hooks says:

    Very loquacious today

  9. lillil says:

    went today and the promotion ended already 🙁

  10. Dawn Wallis says:

    Its not against the law for a group of people to give you money to gamble and to split it

  11. Dawn Wallis says:

    I hope you win a million, is that possible? You deserve a million regardless

  12. Janie Sirak says:

    It would be so nice if you told us what state this casino or city was in… there are so many in so many states these days… thanks Brian!

  13. tjb913 says:

    He is so freakin cute

  14. Jose Ricablanca says:

    Hi Brian, from Visalia

  15. Bobby Buser says:

    Good luck get a hand pay I'm from texas

  16. Keith Matry says:

    I never stopped at agua caliente, I used to stop at morongo.

  17. Donna Allen says:

    Enjoy the challenges!

  18. sonny chadwick says:

    Phone number please thank you

  19. Mikey Gematria says:

    Here's a great challenge! How about you, slot lady, and Slot queen go head-to-head in a tournament. With all of you hosting the show that would be fun

  20. pamela rosencrans says:

    Come to iliani in washington!!

  21. Paula Lenz says:

    Finally going to Pa to gamble. Just in time for my BD on the 15th

  22. Manny M says:

    Hello there.from New York

  23. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Great session

  24. chris parisi says:

    Brian, were you playing with the casino's money (not talking about free play) or your own money? You should be upfront about this during your live streams. Thanks.

  25. Michael Stanton says:

    Hello from Alaska

  26. Ingrid Bortner says:

    When are you coming to PA?

  27. graphic761 says:

    That's like the 88 fortunes in canada

  28. Sheldon Oranchuk says:

    Love watching your videos

  29. graphic761 says:

    British Columbia canada where all are casinos are closed

  30. graphic761 says:

    I wish I lived closer love it

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