21 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE $100,000 MAX BET SLOT PLAY with The Raja! 🎰”
  1. D Sekretarski says:

    Hey Im not much on reading when Im excited about a question but where do I go to send money so you can play for me in Vegas. Im in Reno 🙂

  2. 바이든 says:

    슬롯 신 이구만~ 마틴 제대로 간다잉 good

  3. Beth Weeks says:

    Good Luck from Idaho!

  4. Anthony Odenbaugh says:

    Willy wonka machines

  5. robert fox says:

    Any Yukon gold machines still around?

  6. Antonio Sorrentino says:

    Thanks for the show good luck

  7. 明成组朱棣 says:


  8. jackpot Jarry says:

    Going on a cruise in October out of Boston to Bermuda I Norwegian boom boom boom hopefully

  9. Antoine Adams says:

    I can't get these hours back.

  10. Serge Sam says:


  11. Teresa Fulton says:

    Good times Raja!

  12. kjnest says:

    Crazy Carl 1 dollar super chat! I million times!!

  13. billybodybuilder says:

    More suicides, families broken from gambling losses than gun deaths in the USA. make sure you live stream yourself when you're jumping out of the Casino building …

  14. Lillian Dawson says:

    Lots of luck from Chicago Illinois…

  15. Michael Raad says:

    Do you play tables as well?

  16. Normand Rheaume says:

    Good luck just played your game in the app it's great

  17. Ddk Kumar says:

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  18. Yvonne Moran says:

    I would like to join if I can?

  19. Joseph Jules says:

    I, Don't likeFORMERAJA

  20. jimmy co says:

    Do you play tables as well?

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