38 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE $1500 SLOTS 🥳 Day 2 Anniversary Tour”
  1. O & M Sanchez says:

    Hi Brian!!!! Win win win big hits

  2. Margie Crain says:

    I love you I watch your show all the time I met you at chakackey casion in slico springs

  3. Margie Crain says:


  4. Joshua George says:

    And I just wanna put out there why would anybody thumbs down this video? Regardless if you win or not it's not they're money so why thumb down it?

  5. Joshua George says:

    So i dont know anything about a real casino slot machine when you say something denomination and than you say what the bet is what does the denomination mean?

  6. jorgelina chavez says:

    Jorge lina argentina

  7. becca 729 says:

    Hey good luck tonight. Been watching and trying to learn. Husband and I are going in 2 weeks to biloxi for our anniversary

  8. Andrea Slaveter says:


  9. C Kouri says:

    I am new watching you. Went to jack casino cleveland ohio. Won over 10k. Love your wife voice and hood luck

  10. Captain Steven Markovich says:

    St Pete Fl

  11. DAN says:

    Hello Brian. From Columbia mo Daniel s line it up

  12. Wendy Hendrick says:

    Thanks for doing this. I don't get to go to any casinos so this is nice.

  13. Mary Taylor says:

    Hi I'm new to your following and I love watching you mary from Minnesota

  14. Dale Timm says:

    Kept going!!!!!!! Brian

  15. Shelly Wellman says:

    Happy Anniversary! Thank you for your fun channel! I really enjoy you & Brit!!!

  16. Mike Barnhart says:

    when are you coming to Winstar?

  17. Mary DuVall says:

    I went back and watched some of your oldest videos, by the way the movie short was great! Anyway, I like the fact that on your older videos you showed your true self more, you would curse, as most of us do when we are playing slots, and not quickly replace it with a "shoot" to please the masses. Be yourself, you can't please everyone!! Love your channel!!!

  18. Chaby Fanta says:

    Wish you Big Big Big jackpot from Paris

  19. clarence curtis says:

    Hi Brian from Clarry in Australia

  20. Cassie Labruniy says:

    Hey Brian and britt

  21. susan scott says:

    Love the lighting games

  22. Stefanie Newbill says:


  23. george maccabee says:

    anchorage alaska says hi

  24. Eileen Jakstas says:

    Hit big from Australia

  25. Darryl Watkins says:

    Line it up buttercup

  26. im bad says:

    Hi brian are you and your partner together?

  27. Andrew Garza says:

    Max bet

  28. Andrew Garza says:

    Max bet

  29. Andrew Garza says:

    Max bet

  30. Andrew Garza says:

    Max bet

  31. Andrew Garza says:

    Max bet

  32. Andrew Garza says:

    Max bet

  33. Debbie Loves Slots says:

    I missed this live but I’m in Los Vegas and I’ve had 10 handpays since Monday. Insane!

  34. Summer Savage says:

    #Rudies4life Greenville SC #replay

  35. Diana Holliday Holliday says:

    Some how I just knew you guys would be there tonight & Banza! We saw you on the way out. Thanx for the bracelets!!!

  36. Victoria Owens says:

    Wow Brian. I'm so happy for your accomplishments. You deserve it 100% cause you work so hard. I can't wait to see the 5 more years you provide for us. Congratulations sir.

  37. Lori B says:

    Watching from Calgary ! Yahoo

  38. Maria Lopez says:

    Enjoy your BBB. Beautiful, Big Birthday!

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