31 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE 🤞 Again at San Manuel for some SLOTS Motion!!”
  1. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Awesome session…

  2. Shihomi Yazzie says:

    Wow when you coming to AZ? I’d like to meet you and Britt.

  3. Jose Sanchez says:

    Hi Bryan good luck from houston

  4. Anna Vatuwaliwali says:

    Good luck Brian

  5. Cindy Gonzalez says:

    Gl boo

  6. Ashleigh Hahn says:

    Poor brit is getting bullied in this video! She is the sweetest!

  7. Debra Ward says:

    Where is the live bingo at 7:00 EST?

  8. Isabel Faye says:

    All about timing lol the lady won on your machine. Yup it has happened once or twice once I’m done with a machine and someone sits down

  9. Marilyn Johnson says:

    river dragons i won at my local

  10. john parker says:

    how do u find rudies4life on facebook

  11. rhawce says:

    Let me know if you want any help with your lemon tree. I'm a botanist, and have worked in landscaping for over 30 years, specializing in home gardens for the past 10 years!

  12. derek logan says:

    Can’t wait see u tomorrow Brian

  13. jac jak says:

    More adds than the T.V does.

  14. brenda whiteman says:

    Shelbyville indiana

  15. brenda whiteman says:

    I will be at the bingo rm tomorrow

  16. Tammy Heffernan says:

    Thanks Brian!!

  17. Jen Baker says:

    Brit acts like it's her money that brian is playing with lmao wth

  18. Debbie Martinez says:

    I ♥️ you Brian!!!

  19. cassandraq cassandraq says:

    I have to move away from machines I've just played or I get jealous seeing next person win big !!

  20. Susan Shepard says:

    Fun fun fun enjoy your video

  21. Tina Houghtling says:


  22. San Manuel Casino says:

    Popped in the LIVE for a few but had to help our other guests! Thanks as always for visiting! It's a THRILL when YouTube's no. 1 Slot Channel visits SoCal's No. 1 Casino!

  23. watchland3361 says:

    Dang. And I was going to to San Manuel tonight. I didn’t know you were there.

  24. Kelsie Auger says:

    Wow the free games was awesome on that game holllyy

  25. Kamsel 79 says:

    Really… why are you rapid firing….

  26. Keith Bangs says:

    Number 36 on roulette please

  27. Zachery Johnston says:

    Watching from Utah man! Love these videos give me the itch to play and I hope one day to meet you somewhere maby wendover and we can hit the rainbow

  28. Diana T says:

    I think the "fish" in the dragon game are actually baby red and white dragons. Love your videos!!

  29. Zachery Johnston says:

    Yo go to hard rock at lake tahoe play the newer buffaloes on the west wall by the doors and play Max! I always win but never able to play Max and it was at 600k would like to see your team hit and win! Hope you guys make enough you guys can invite someone out and give them 2 k to play and if they win they can give you 50% back man! Good luck to you guys I will be in wendover next weekend playing this bull game that I have been close to winning the 40 k I keep getting 2 of 3 gold roses to win it and just barely miss out I need the 40k win just that little money after tax I would be able to change mine and my kids life as a single hard working dad anything over 12k would pay my credit off and I could get us a home. These play to pay games threw pay pal haven't paid nothing and it sucks so bad I would have 7k if they did and said they would ya know. But have a great lucky weekend you guys?

  30. Aztek Skratcher says:

    Thier is a Youtuber than ive been following that just recently started doing Slot Videos from San Manuel Casino

  31. Vicki yniguez says:

    Hi from bullhead city, as. Good luck!

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