43 thoughts on “🍀 LIVE 🍀 Arduous Rock On line casino 🎰 TULSA OK Slots”
  1. Lynda Delpino says:

    I play at the HARD ROCK in TAMPA and the slot machines are VERY tight

  2. Bridgette Suzzette Byrd says:

    When u be back In Tulsa?

  3. Bev Roundtree says:

    Hi Brian and Britt, when are you coming to Cincinnati ohio

  4. Ted Green says:

    great it Brian from central KY!!!!!!

  5. Julie Craig says:

    Whats that constant ringing in the background,? Kinda hard to listen to unfortunately

  6. Susan Carrera says:

    Wow youre really St. Patrick feast with your Jacket, Happy St. Patrick. Are you able to come toCache Creek Casino, Indian reservation Casino at Northern CA. between SF and Sacramento. I Love to met you Brian, you are fun to be around.

  7. Angel says:

    I don't think I've ever seen you make the "devil" hand sign before. It really affects me. Sorry.

  8. Daniel McHale says:

    Always after me pot of gold

  9. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Man those slot are ringing for the Jackpots!!!! Gotta come there one day. Haven't really Heard that jackpot ringing like that in a long time. Slots in Vegas have been soo tight. Unless ur betting $10,$12.50,$20,$25$50 a spin… That's just been my experience. GL BC

  10. sherry bennett says:

    Happy saint Pat's

  11. daren drury says:

    I have a suit from Opposuits too, mine is a Union Jack suit, as i am from the UK

  12. Jean Cole says:

    Don't hit the same button all the time. I never hit the same button,

  13. Carol Willett says:


  14. Carol Willett says:

    Hi from Dayton, Ohio.

  15. Jimmy Long says:

    I live in Tulsa but I’m out of town this week!!!! Good luck this week!!

  16. John Leas says:

    Just missed you Brian!! Was in Tulsa last week. Loved your outfit.

  17. Pamela M. says:

    I can't stand those ringing machines…its like an 80's call center…lol

  18. Cameron Pearce says:

    Welcome back to Oklahoma. Must have missed seeing you yesterday, unfortunately! Enjoy your time here!

  19. nizam nizam says:

    Thanks to your green shirt that are lucky for me i because today i win 1.4k and would believe if i said i just pun only 15dollar and its was 1 of my luckiest day..

  20. nizam nizam says:

    I already know your biggest win jackport what i wanted to know how much money the most that u have lost in 1night..
    Im sure a lot of people wanted to know as well

  21. angry bird99 says:

    Lord of the rings is up there with Tarzan and sex in the city or any other licensed game….. complete garbage

  22. OATECA says:

    We call those red screens "blushing"

  23. New Yorks Finest says:

    when are you coming back to Seattle? you travel alot. are you gonna get the vaccine?

  24. Terrance Jones says:

    BC slots room march 22nd cant wait!!!!!

  25. DC Williams says:

    Let a local teach you wassup Invite me out I’ll show y’all the heavy hitters

  26. DC Williams says:

    Invite me out I’ll show you were the slots that pay in hard rock trust me

  27. Area·· 51snipez says:

    -$1,140 in a little over an hour of play with 2 decent size wins, god slots suck so bad 🙁

  28. John Smith says:

    You Need to try Newcastle Casino in Oklahoma

  29. Sue Harper says:

    Aw, I hope we get to see another red screen try. I want to see those spins!

  30. Sue Harper says:

    VGT (red screens) are awesome!

  31. Cino Redo says:

    Happy st paddy's day

    Good luck have a wonderful time

  32. spartygrad89 says:

    No end video totals? That looked like a painful day of losses?

  33. Pamela Smith says:

    Please visit Monarch Casino in Black Hawk Colorado

  34. Stefanie Newbill says:

    love the jacket

  35. DC Williams says:

    Dammit I’m in Tulsa I wish I would of known you were here

  36. Cassili De Marly says:

    Osage in River Spirit are the only ones that really hit . Hard rock here in Tulsa never really pays that much

  37. Cassili De Marly says:

    I hope you’re here today !!!! Omg big fan

  38. Victoria Owens says:

    Wow ain't see super hot re-spin in forever. I thing I last saw it when I was like…maybe 19 lol loved that game

  39. Jeremiah Allen says:

    I love the folks say if this hit be this that lined up be that yeah if sm1 got all lotto numbers well they won lotto but key phrase is it didn't!!!

  40. MrScruff-NinjaTuna says:

    Hope you were inside during the heavy rains this evening, luck should bring you some form of favor.

  41. Emma Love says:

    Happy St Patrick's to BC SLOT and friends

  42. Symon 2201 says:

    Have you ever been refused a win by the casino

  43. bugerzdad says:

    The 2 cutest leprechauns on the planet!

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