22 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE at Baldini’s On line casino in Reno with Slot Queen + Hubby – Day four of Anniversary Tour”
  1. Maui Meowee says:

    Just got the text message an hr late for FB.

  2. vang her says:

    I was just in Vegas this weekend miss your tour.. when will u come to Northern California like Thundervalley Casino???

  3. CARL CARY says:

    Good luck Brian, Slot Queen and Britt from the BC Slot area at the Plaza!

  4. Kirby Charles says:

    Line it up On five year anniversary.

  5. Cathy Castiglione says:

    So fun to see you two together again. I missed it live but caught up yesterday. Unbelievable back to back bonuses in a tough game in huff n puff. Congrats again on five years BC

  6. Chris Buchanan says:

    I watch him every day and he was down the street from me and I didn't know

  7. DEE V says:

    Fun video ❤️

  8. randoff32 says:

    Why are brunettes so proud of their hair color?

    It hides the dirt.

  9. Bobby Trice says:

    Hey guys, What time are you going Live tonight? Your in Carson City?

  10. Dianne Campbell says:

    your out of focus

  11. Rebecca Pratt says:

    YippY!!So glad you TWO are back makes my recovery happier,love you all to moon and back!!!

  12. Jennifer Warner says:

    Cleo 2 love it, please play more

  13. david fuller says:

    Just won my biggest jackpot ever, just over $40,000. Good luck Brian and line it up. Happy 5 years. Hi slot queen!

  14. Claire Arco says:

    Happy 5th anniversary to you both

  15. Lorraine Ferraro says:

    I so enjoy your own videos

  16. Paula Street says:

    Love you two

  17. Girlie Motie says:

    Happy Anniversary Brian and Brit from Tri nidad

  18. Girlie Motie says:

    Love this crew

  19. Chad Kosakowski says:

    For the luv meets BANZA

  20. Cat Buchanan says:

    Sorry BC … I slept right through this.

  21. Jeri Lee French says:

    I have spent hours at this casino! They use to give you a six pack of sodas or beer if you hit 4 of a kind on their poker machines! People would have cases of soda at there feet!!

  22. ROXIE B says:

    Congratulations Brian! It's great to see you and Slot Queen together again!

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