19 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE at Blue Chip On line casino 🎰 How can we prime final nights Jackpot?”
  1. Lilliann Langarica says:

    When will you be at Quechan Casino in Arizona?

  2. Kameron Myles says:

    Good luck bro

  3. Bluebury treasure Laura brown says:

    When will your masks “I’d rather be gambling” be available again.?

  4. james jenicek says:

    Most importantly, if you leave a ticket in a machine just to come back and find it gone, alert the floor to call security and report it. Don't feel ashamed or embarressed by a common mistake. Tje security can review the cameras, get their facial profile and then document into files that which are the potential thiefs each time anyone enters that casino again.

  5. james jenicek says:

    If you leave your redemption ticket, card or anything else in or around the machine, the casino isn't liable. It's considered abandonment. They will do everything in their power to regain your money especially but in most cases the thief is long gone after you find out and alert them.

  6. Rosie Q Slots says:

    Awesome session

  7. Mary S. says:

    Love the Brian and Brit show

  8. Firoja Kasam says:

    Hi how r u love your vids

  9. Kathy White says:

    Do you ever come to tunica Mississippi

  10. Midwest Slot Diva says:

    I cannot believe you were 45 mins from where I live…

  11. Sherri Auditor says:

    Britt and Brian much more enjoyable than Ophra!

  12. Deirdre Duffin says:

    Good luck tonight.all the best from lreland.

  13. DAN says:

    Columbia no Brian line it uppppp good luck my friend

  14. Scott Adams says:

    find a willy wonka slot mechine

  15. Singing Cricket says:

    When and where in Arizona?

  16. h8rainzombiegirl says:

    I thought tickets were linked with your card, if you go to customer service/security and tell them you lost your ticket they can track it down, cancel it and reissue. This happened to my sister. Ilani is Washington saved us from a huge heartache!!!!

  17. Mary Broeker says:

    I have a story about lost money! My mom and I were at the casino and just talking and not paying attention. We sat on machines and were just playing and she realized she had won some money! Awesome! We play around a little more and security comes and gets us. Turns out she sat at a machine where a drunk person forgot to cash out and when they realized, Mom and I had already moved on. We were escorted out and banned until her court date when they showed video footage that we hadn’t even noticed there were credits in the machine and that the drunk person was very obviously careless. It was really scary at the time but all ended up okay!

  18. shawn lombardi says:

    Hello sunshine, Brian and Britt

  19. Harry Roth says:

    So glad to have met you and Brit in the lobby. See you in Vegas in 2 weeks. Rudi Luck! ❤️

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