🔴 LIVE at Chumash On line casino 🎰 Day three of Anniversary Tour!!

34 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE at Chumash On line casino 🎰 Day three of Anniversary Tour!!”
  1. Nerissa Folloso says:

    Shout out to you I’m from Santa Maria Ca 30 mins away from chumash

  2. Slotty Slot Slot says:

    Damn, you should embrace your fans wanting to take a picture with you. You have some good videos but without your fans you would still be betting the minimum dreaming about botox…. Psh trying to act too cool for you fans lol

  3. Rona Leap says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. Richard Pagan says:

    Brian, it was fantastic meeting you tonight, also thank you for sharing that wonderful bit of “news” with my wife and I, truly deserved and earned. Cheers!

  5. Robert Stewart says:

    @ 23:00 should have added rock paper scissors lol you guys are awesome

  6. Diane Kachovich says:

    Unreal, great run. Thank you

  7. Carol Foss says:

    Romper Room, wow surprised you remember that show Brian. Do be a good bee.

  8. Juanita Martinez says:

    Happy Anniversary.. I watch you everyday. Watching your videos kept from thinking about my breast cancer. Match 15th 2021 was my last of 6 chemo treatments. I'll be having a lumpectamy surgery on Monday.. You're awesome.. Good luck.

  9. sharon graham says:


  10. Scott Rambone says:

    You are the man. Congratulations on your success. Fun to watch

  11. Scott Rambone says:

    Alright my man BC. Rudie Tudie

  12. Michael says:

    Happy birthday brit

  13. Michael says:

    On sunday

  14. Michael says:

    Let bit pic machine and amout

  15. Janet Ruggles says:

    You seem to play here a lot, do you live near?

  16. monica rodriguez says:

    Chumps? My casino is Saboba

  17. monica rodriguez says:

    Never been to this casino..

  18. Janet Ruggles says:

    Did not get my info on this video? What happened?

  19. Barbara Kelly says:

    You must remember that Britt has the magic touch, too. Push it, Britt!!

  20. Tamara Thomas says:

    What casino are you playing at in reno?

  21. James Dicksa says:

    Whoa Nelly is from the Roy Rogers western TV show in the 50’s. His sidekick, Jingles, drove a willys Jeep and the jeeps name was Nelly Bell. Hence Whoa Nelly

  22. troy schwarz says:

    Romper Stomper Bomper Boo…Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me true…tell me Magic Mirror Tell Me Today. Did All My Friends Have Fun Today…I see Christopher and Brett and Marco Today … Have A Funtabulous Day!
    ROMPER ROOM END THEME SAYING! I say that every once in a while just to see the look on thier face. Have a good flight.

  23. Allana Essex says:

    I meant to YouTube pays ..99 cents to the person that has the YouTube channel right

  24. Allana Essex says:

    Isn't every like .99 right

  25. richard Ramirez says:

    Happy anniversary

  26. Mike Roberson says:

    Ah no dragon link tonight. Hopefully next time

  27. Denise Dean says:

    My stomping grounds, a beautiful casino and hotel ,good luck.

  28. carolyn osborn says:

    Hi Brian and Britney, your at my favorite casino! Are you playing their Sat 17th

  29. Beth Smialek says:

    Your website sucks. Last two " contests" nothing to enter

  30. Nancy Rivera says:

    On my way to chumash

  31. Olivia Limon says:

    Tried to register at your meet and greet at Talking Stick in AZ. It states it's sold out, yet someone just posted they registered there. Please help?

  32. Jay Allen says:

    When are you coming to fourwinds casino new buffalo michigan

  33. Sherrell Bennett says:

    I have been to Chumash twice. First time I hit a progressive .25 video poker for $1400 (was only there for like 5 minutes) and second time hit a $1 royal for $4000. So, I liked Chumash!

  34. troy schwarz says:

    Better late the never…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

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