17 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE CASINO SLOTS FROM BALDINI’S 🎰 Friday night time Enjoyable and New Slots 🚨”
  1. ophelia rose says:

    OMG!! Play already….talk to much…i like to watch u play

  2. Laura J Etheridge says:

    Man, such a fun live. Sorry didn't get to see it live but on weekends now I take over with staying with my mom until she is better. I really miss the fun shenanigans. Feel left out but it will soon be better. You are sounding like you feel so much better. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  3. weerobot says:

    2 Hrs Wow..Cool…

  4. Kristen Collins says:

    Hi Slot Queen. I wanted to ask you a question. My casino just installed the "bag" game, I tried it yesterday for the first time and was wondering what is your fav denom? I was.playing pennies, no luck. Also wanted to say how much I enjoy your channel and think you are an amazing lady!!!

  5. Shelia Shuck says:

    I pushed not interested on one of your videos and you tube asked me why. I didnt know they did that but anyway it was a wonder 4 but I dont like wonder4 so I just thought they wouldnt keep recommending it over and over lol. A lot of times they do that after Ive watched certain videos so I hit the not interested button. Dont worry, I get a kick out your videos.

  6. Dimples Samuels says:

    Luv you guys

  7. Rollion Hampton says:

    Watching you is like a Master's class in playing slot machines. My sister and I both mirrored your play and won $1000. Next Friday going for a jackpot. Played Slot Hubby's way.

  8. sandy jean says:

    Watching on big screen but had to get out tablet to thumbs up and comment. OMG!! Laughed so hard my husband came in to see what the neck had me laughing so hard!

  9. Hayley Kuesis says:

    Had to come back and finish the live. Couldn’t stay. Thank you for the first commercial break. The shout out means a lot. Love love love this channel and special group of people. You guys rock. And congrats on the winning streak.

  10. clive Reich says:

    love ur damn show!!!! SQ PEACE AND LOVE TC AND STAY SAFE

  11. Eddie Gaul says:

    Looks like you had an awesome night. I caught the first hour or so and really enjoyed watching the video. Once in a while I make it out to Reno (I usually play in West Wendover, NV) — maybe our paths will cross in the future.

  12. Paula Street says:

    Cmon 40k Slot Hubby is FIRED

  13. Colin Alford says:

    Such a great live stream and glad you came out on top. Just spoke with my Mom (Doreen) and we know she is a big hubster fan, she said that the women he was trying to deal with was socially unbalanced and he was trying to show her your name on his wrist band. She also said he is very cheeky saying about your hips moving later!!! At 92 she doesn't miss a trick. She is filling her days between dozing watching all your old videos. Well done my Mom. Love to you both and big hugs from Spain x

  14. Big Bad B says:

    Played Buffalo Chief back in August on a Thursday nitr n by Friday morning it was gone at Four Winds casino in New Buffalo Michigan

  15. jerridell bates says:

    Slot queen you are wrong .

  16. Bama Girl says:

    Had a fam night so I missed you guys live, HOWEVER….I needed to smile (and laugh) and by the time you two made it to dancing drums I was laughing hysterically – I honestly do not know if you know how funny both of you are and how many smiles you put on everyone's faces – especially when someone is having a rough time or a bad day, it means so much! Danielle – I have been praying for you and was so happy to hear you say you are feeling really well – God is Amazing! Love you both!

  17. Forrest Hibbard says:

    Hi I'm in Oroville CA

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