11 thoughts on “LIVE: FINAL TABLE – Sunday Million – 15th Anniversary! – $12.5 MILLION ♠️ Joe & Nick ♠️ PokerStars”
  1. Stefan Hristov says:

    That As7s all in has to be the worst all in in history of poker.

  2. QT8270 says:


  3. PokerStars India says:


  4. Dylan Studley says:

    Can we all just take a minute as viewers to appreciate Pancho for not doing a deal? That made this 500x more entertaining to watch the final moments.

  5. Sam Sguanch says:

    Pokerstars removed the "celebrity" video because of all the downvotes and negative comments. No matter how much you try to shove Amy Schumer at us, we just don't like her… when will you learn? Same with all those other liberal douchebags.

  6. George Kresina says:

    Thanks guys! Very entertaining!

  7. Lav S says:

    is this the largest prize a female has ever won in poker? (serious question)

  8. Dario Rodríguez Pardo says:

    Just before 3:18:00 why he fold KQ suited? It is to defend a BB!!!!!

  9. Denis Denis says:

    Заебись, на 2
    8000 месте вылетел

  10. Marcel Mattern says:

    3th place did so many icm punts

  11. ALANVEL VLOG says:

    АК олл ин колл, когда у третьего 8ББ. )

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