24 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE 🎰 For the ❤️ of Slots at Agua Caliente Cathedral Metropolis”
  1. Krowman84 says:

    Outta all the suffering people and animals in the world and he chooses to give to a charity that has to do with transgender people? Wow..

  2. DisabledEntertainment says:

    I got to ask why you say banza now lmao and love your content me and my gf always watch you line it up

  3. Pam Sadler says:

    Spin it

  4. Vicki yniguez says:


  5. Sheila Bodin says:

    I love this game!!!

  6. Sheila Bodin says:


  7. Steven Edwards says:


  8. Patty Rojas says:

    you said that perfect..no matter what you are everyone is the same

  9. Shelley Snodgrass says:

    Brian, thank you for all that you do. I really appreciated your answers to the questions raised with this benefit. We are all human and deserve to be treated equal.

  10. tara bartlett says:

    Born to Gamble from Tara Massachusetts !!

  11. Deb C says:

    I'm still trying to figure out how it was a bonus on Peacock Beauty Imperial 88 at 1:09. I thought 3 gongs (or whatever they are called) gave the bonus. Can someone please help me figure it out? Looks like it could be a favorite!

  12. Nancy Alfred says:


  13. Elizabeth Mish says:

    Unfortunately I was born asexual so no group wants me.

  14. Elizabeth Mish says:

    My brother lived in Palm Desert with his husband, Wes.

  15. Dulcie Reesick says:

    Good luck from Edmonton Alberta Canada, love your show

  16. Twebbjenkins webbjenkins says:

    Good luck

  17. Melsue 711 says:

    You are the best!! I’m sorry that I missed this live stream, but I will definitely make my own donation to this charity!!

  18. Danny Pops says:

    We are all deserving of equal and fair treatment regardless of the way we are born. The military is also officially back to accepting transgender individuals as well and will definitely benefit from having talented folks on board. Thanks for helping make their voices known brian! 🙂

  19. Joseph Lacourse says:

    Play brazil

  20. Chris Fonte says:

    too bad my roomate is loud

  21. M S. B R A N D Y says:

    Hello Brian, I made a donation in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility! However, I want to say that my donation was not only to support trans equality, but also the fight for equal rights for ALL regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disabilities! ❤️❤️

  22. Paula Street says:

    You are a beautiful person Brian

  23. Brenda Powell says:

    Four casinos here in West Virginia. Come on down and hit some big money!

  24. Marilyn Johnson says:

    My niece is trans…much love brian

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