🔴 LIVE Kick Off to five Yr Anniversary Celebration at Agua Caliente On line casino

24 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE Kick Off to five Yr Anniversary Celebration at Agua Caliente On line casino”
  1. Tina Houghtling says:

    Ah, never been to Baldinis!! You WILL be disappointed.

  2. [email protected] Bonner says:

    You have made reference several times that you cant go to Canada, did they ban you?? Lol

  3. james jenicek says:

    Congratulations on 5 years. I think I've been subscribing for at least 4 years and you are………… The Best slot channel on Youtube! Life is shorter than we imagine. Try to enjoy every part of it.

  4. Judith Harrison says:

    Happy 5 Years on Youtube! Win, Win, Stay Safe Happy and Healthy to al, of you!!

  5. Tammy Cruz says:

    I missed thia live im so bummed i love ya channel

  6. Ted .A says:

    I Have been here for the whole 5 years Congrats Brian!!!

  7. Tammy Cruz says:

    Big wins

  8. Mike Palladino says:

    The code was 129 or 178

  9. Marjorie Smith says:

    What does Marco do when he's not in the casino with you Brian? Does he work for you or does he do something?

  10. brenda whiteman says:

    Its dad burn bonus time! Lol

  11. brenda whiteman says:

    From Indiana come on bonus!

  12. Robert Atha says:

    I was in there (Agua Caliente) last night and won 500 free play, so much fun. Congratulations on 5 years

  13. system down says:

    Chumash Casino is my home Casino! I highly recommend you okay the
    0.25 Cent Denim Black Diamond by the cashier. There ere 3 if them but the one on the right is over $11k and that's pretty high for those 3 machines in that area. I hit that same machine this last February for over $7k

  14. Fran Dailey says:

    I found your show a couple of months ago and have been watching you every day since. Congratulations to you, Brit and Marco on your 5th anniversary on YouTube.

  15. JC Broomfield says:

    you should come to Cripple Creek here in Colorado. Wildwood Casino! 🙂 I found you after I had my surgery and had to stay inside with foot up (7 screws in foot) for 7 weeks. Relearning how to walk, it is hard. Thanks for making my days fun!

  16. Margaret Street says:

    Happy Anniversary of 5 years! My husband and I celebrate 53 years today. Thank you for all the happy times you give us.

  17. katt mitchellpugh says:

    Happy anniversary Brian & posse love to watch your videos of they keep me entertained for hours. Love you!!!

  18. robert marriott says:

    good luck brian all the way from the uk.happy anniversary.

  19. Sanford Stanley says:

    Marko don't don't ever hit anything when he plays.

  20. Ssndi Steele says:

    Aquarius Casino, Laughlin,Nevada. The Best. Outstanding Perks, Great People, Ecquity in playing, Top Celebrity Shows, etc!!

  21. Shihomi Yazzie says:

    Yay congrats on 5 years. I enjoy watching you and cheering for all those line it up big wins.

  22. Janie Tanner says:

    Congrats! I’ve enjoyed your videos more since Brit arrived. Hoping you have lots more years to come

  23. David Kephart says:

    While I still enjoy watching Brian's videos it seems like he's gotten into a rut lately. Most videos can be boiled down to Dragon Link, Wheels of Fortune, Huff 'n Puff, Piggies, Trains, and a Scooby-doobie-doop. Can Jackpot Only Brian come back to us and throw in a little more variety for slots once in a while. I miss Edgar, the Bag game, Luck has Arrived, Dancing Drums, Zeus, Airplane, Pinball, Money Ball, Miss Kitty, and some of the Newer games… Thanks

  24. Diesel Sysel says:

    How do can one ask questions off line about Merch?

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