19 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE MASSIVE PROFITS at Blue Chip On line casino! 🎉 BCSlots”
  1. Steve Griffiths says:

    The worst slot award goes to…Cleopatra..

  2. Cherie Thomas says:

    Hello from Austin, TX I love watching you.

  3. Sharon Heller says:

    I just learned what suer chat meant.

  4. Robert Gembala says:

    Right up the road from me

  5. frank Manzella says:

    I am going to blue chip from Chicago. Rivers Stinks.

  6. Ssndi Steele says:

    Excellent, excellent! ! Love the fish and animal games. Congrats! !

  7. gcrfire3 says:

    Welcome to Indiana from us Hoosiers

  8. William Dixon says:

    Hard Rock in Indiana opens in May. Hope you can make it.

  9. TL Slots says:

    Thanks for the shout out Brian! Awesome Winning session! Keep the winnings Rolling!

  10. Lee Blanchard says:

    Not roar it is a Whossh

  11. Willy Ata says:

    Slot machines are designed to take your money, not with BC, machines love him, love to see you winning Brian, keep it up:)

  12. Igota Clue says:


  13. Chad’s Vlog Posts! says:

    Through the years ol' Big Brian got too cool for school.

  14. Willie Ross says:

    Willie J.
    How can I get a Lucky Wristband & a Lanyard. I will pay for both.

  15. Marianna Prince says:

    Milwaukee wisconsin in the house

  16. Marianna Prince says:


  17. Mike Palladino says:

    2 knights ago I started with $29 and left with $878 on one of the lightning links slot machine at coyote casino in Mendocino County California. And the whole time I played I did nothing but rapid fire. And later that evening went back and hit for another $700 same machine and same bet doing nothing but rapid fire. Then the next day hit for another $650 , same machine and bet , rapid firing. Now the famous bet was 50 cents , and only put in $29 .

  18. Paul Torres says:

    Cash is like riding a camel in the desert

  19. Cassey Anderson says:

    Hey Lov bc slots

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