29 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE on the CASINO 🎰 $1000s in Spins at Agua Caliente RM”
  1. Luth Bernardino says:

    Ludy from San Francisco,Ca. Good luck! Big Win!

  2. Jon S says:

    I won't be following you.

  3. Klaisa Freeman says:

    Yes. Rapid fire!!!

  4. a s c abdi says:

    Ilove to wach you video I'm on canada toronto

  5. K Lyght says:


    You literally made my day! LOL, I thought I was the only “interesting” kid to think those were cool… LMFAO

  6. Carrie.Weaver says:

    Great idea! Rapid fire,

  7. Lanetta Taylor says:

    Indy in the house!

  8. Audrey Williams says:

    Watching from Newton Texas

  9. Mary Ann Alfaro says:


  10. Articia hughes says:


  11. Francesca Rodriguez says:

    Love watching you both everyday you guys are awesome and funny as well

  12. Rhonda Jones says:

    Love your channel! Line it up!

  13. Diana Butler says:

    Hi Brian and Britt!

  14. diana durling says:

    No NO Rapid

  15. Robert Stewart says:

    Hey hello from, Johnstown PA

  16. David Kephart says:

    No chance I'm going to make today's Livestream so if you're seeing this Brian (or Britt) any chance of some old school Miss Kitty Gold so I can see the Replay at Midnight. (partied too hard yesterday and playing a lot of back-up)… Thanks for the Wins

  17. robert barnum says:

    You never cease to amaze. And no rapid spins.

  18. Harlen Hatchel says:

    i ordered your bcslot tshirt wish had navy blue or gray.

  19. Flora Garcia says:

    Do it .

  20. Maria Hogan says:

    Thank you for modeling your merchandise!!!!

  21. Gigi Collier says:

    No for rapid fire

  22. David Leis says:

    What happened to life of luxury slots have not seen you do it yet

  23. colleen M says:

    RAPID FIRE!!!!!!!

  24. David Leis says:

    Like the shirts but can't buy any that don't have a pocket… need it for sun glasses and etc. Thanks David

  25. Billie Carroll says:


  26. Billie Carroll says:

    Love watching you!! Billie Carroll from Columbus Ohio line it up

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