1. Diane Gaudet says:

    all good

  2. DogHouse Slots says:

    I’m not sure why you were making a big deal about your chubby cheeks, honestly, it smooths out any wrinkles you thought you may have. FYI your hair was fine on both sides. All in all, great Live Stream and Thank You Very Much for inviting me to share this stream with you. I had a BLAST!!!

  3. Sonja Pruett says:

    You guys are great

  4. Brenda B says:

    Slot Hubby is out of control, Lol. Funny video. Beautiful couple. Love u guys.

  5. kay regulski says:

    Your hubby is so cute

  6. Karol in Tampa says:

    Love you hair curly! Thx for the livestream!

  7. Lawana Miles says:

    I was looki g forward to seeing a jackpottttt but I know next week you'll get it.

  8. Paula Lenz says:

    Sorry I missed ya but been under the weather for the whole week. But I started laughing the minute I saw the face mask. Talk about free advertising. BC Slots got it last night lol

  9. Pam Carter says:

    That was fun guys ..sorry I missed yall live..good luck tonight.❤

  10. Anthea Martin says:

    Love you guys and your family from Australia xxxxxxx

  11. DEE V says:

    What are hi chews?

  12. Sharron Herrera says:

    Slot hubby being feisty about your cheeks

  13. Lisa Wehrman says:

    Hope you’re doing well!

  14. Rebecca Givens says:

    Been a loyal royal for a couple of months but I still haven't received a link to any after parties.. How do I get those

  15. Betty Holcomb says:

    Hello from Michigan

  16. Manuel Ledesma says:

    Jackpot time.

  17. thecrabbycrafter says:

    Now I feel like a Scrotie for sure, for fooling you. I'm sorry. I wanted to see if you would say the name. I need professional help. My punishment is not being able to see the Facebook live. xoxo Claudia (Oh I subbed from my other account and also from hubby's channel.)

  18. Darcy Walker says:

    That's Awesome that he would even Try!!!

  19. Darcy Walker says:

    Hi guys!!

  20. Michael Phillips says:


  21. Robert Hunter says:

    what time for the slot king tomorrow

  22. Robert Hunter says:

    wow missed you guys next time

  23. Noreen Kicknosway says:

    Your good, good luck guys

  24. Margaret Murphy says:

    Hi you 2

  25. Margaret Murphy says:

    Hi Dani so happy to see you 2

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