1. James Oneavatar says:

    You do realize the bags being full doesn't mean anything except it hasn't been hit after a certain amount has been bet? Full bags are no more or less likely to hit than an empty bag. In fact, it probably means the game is in a bad streak, more than a good one

  2. Laura J Etheridge says:

    So sorry that I missed this live. You guys make me laugh. Keep them coming. Love the videos. Hope you and your family had a beautiful Easter.

  3. Steve Rinella says:

    Will u middle aged people stop trying to be relevant it’s embarrassing

  4. Paulette Erickson says:

    Love you both from Paulette in colorado!

  5. Carmel Osborne says:

    Love you from Brisbane Australia

  6. Rebecca Pratt says:

    hello,HAPPY EASTER!! recovering from a stroke in september, love watching you two & bc,Do like how you & bc explain the games I've never been to a casino in my life til seeing you alls videos had no idea till watching you &bc the bonuses and line hits

  7. weerobot says:

    Nice Big Video Cool…

  8. geoflyr says:

    Wow full for a Friday night. I was actually thinking of going there last night. I’ve only gambled twice during Covid and handpays both times there. Keep up the videos!

  9. Keeping It Real With Wendy G. says:

    Always start with 88 cents then go to 1.76

  10. SpillThWine's Finds says:

    How close to the casino do you live? Do you live far enough to where you guys get a room? I live in palmetto which is just south of the skyway

  11. SpillThWine's Finds says:

    Did you know that Tampa seminal hard rock is number two in the US for the number of slots in the casino? There are 4500 slot machines there! That’s a lot! Number one is Mohegan Sun in Connecticut

  12. Anthea Martin says:

    Love love love you guys love from Australia xxxx

  13. Helen a says:

    Wanted to ask,if we ever go to thunder Valley. Is there a way we can reach you,to come down there?
    Love to meet you slot queen

  14. thecrabbycrafter says:

    Your chat flies Slot Queen :). Was trying to say I hit a first spin bonus on Buffalo last night and my bonus was a whole $2. So I was giving it to you…lol.

  15. Susan Harper says:

    If you ever want to see some slappers go to Harrah's in Cherokee North Carolina they take over that place I've never seen so much slapping in my life…

  16. Susan Harper says:

    Oh no I'm in slot Queen live I was at my local casino and oh my God was it packed we had to wait 3 hours for a machine

  17. Brenda Baker says:

    Have you ever watched Elvis corvette slots he plays buffalo gold almost everyday and does great

  18. Cynthia Graff says:

    Your Dancing Drums play is what happens all the time to 92 percent of us.

  19. Rosie Q Slots says:

    BLNT my friend…. You'll get em back. I know it. GL

  20. Brenda Baker says:

    Was SH going crazy today or what? Lol Have a great weekend!

  21. Linda Scheer says:

    Good luck to you tonight

  22. Zeneida Valdez says:


  23. Christy Hodges says:

    Happy Easter to u & your Family♥️♥️

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