31 thoughts on “🔴LIVE Slot Machines 🎰 💰$500 at San Manuel On line casino #AD”
  1. Maria Serna says:

    Take the 25

  2. john smith says:

    Good luck Brian

  3. Travis Thomas says:

    Travis Thomas From Indianapolis Indian

  4. Travis Thomas says:

    Travis Thomas From Indianapolis Indian

  5. Ali Ahmaad says:

    Y u talking that mach can u be quite

  6. Doug M says:

    someone is gonna teach a class at Harvard someday on how fame comes so easily today. I get Justin Bieber as a youtube sensation….and I enjoy Brian's videos…but isn't it astonishing that someone could be starstruck in the presence of a nice guy who videotapes his slot machine habit??? best of luck to us all!

  7. krazziejrboi says:

    Is this your fav casino?

  8. Melanie Ingram says:

    I love how kind and accessible you are with your fans. I hope to bump into you someday. Superchat and Jack&Coke on me. Luck and Love to you 🙂

  9. NG Slot says:

    Thank you so much brother ! CHEERS and wish you best of luck !

  10. kissy kat says:

    I like your haircut. Keep up the good work. Soo fun!

  11. Emma Love says:

    Happy St Patrick's Day BC SLOT Watch you twice good luck

  12. Pamela Poore says:

    You are the coolest person in the gambling world. Thanks for being so kind to people that walk up to you and want pictures!!

  13. EZROLLER says:

    Grow it, show it and blow it. Now that sounds like a good tee shirt.

  14. diana durling says:

    What is PvZ ???

  15. TERRY EDMONDS says:


  16. Anthoney King says:

    Thanks, Brian as Normal GreaT fUN

  17. Peace Love says:

    Brian I can’t find the app – can u send me a link

  18. Chicken Little says:

    Loved that "Max" bet first spin hit on the "Quick Hit" machine, Brian!

  19. Debby S says:

    Missed the live but enjoying it now. Like the Dragon's Gold…reminds me of 88 Fortune..my fav.
    Shout-out to James Linton from Scotland.

  20. Arthur Daniel says:

    Brian, your modus operandi and on screen personality makes for compulsory viewing. You deservedly have a multitude of followers. Keep up the good work, and ignore the naysayers.All the best for the future.
    Cheers, Art

  21. Genie Miranda says:

    Hey Brian, It was great meeting you today finally at San Manuel and thanks for the lucky bracelet. Good luck

  22. Juanita Nigoa says:

    Love watching you win! Keep up the wins. You are So lucky

  23. VANBEAR SLOTS says:

    Great video

  24. Katreece Flournoy says:

    So i just download the app and im eligible for the trip

  25. annie Nygaard says:

    good luck Brian.

  26. barrett1191 says:

    I went to Vegas one time and found a free bonus somebody didn't play that was awesome got almost 100 $

  27. Danny Joe Hammons says:

    Lepercon wild machine

  28. Douglas P. says:


  29. Bueq Ray says:

    Nice nice

  30. Rose S says:

    I missed you live but glad Im watching now

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