12 thoughts on “Logan”
  1. Samuel Lester says:

    Logan gives me big Joel vibes

  2. MoltenBlazerX says:

    It’s so disappointing. Every time I search up “Logan” on YouTube it always gives me results of Logan Paul.

  3. Yolenia Lee says:

    Man, everytime I watch this I become a blubbering whale. Like damn…I know heroes always die at some point but like its so sad to know that they've just dissapeared and so few will know how he died. And he was probably the last of the originals left…

  4. HD8234 says:

    Bruh can none of y’all read an upload date y’all are so confused, this movie was just added onto YouTube movies a week ago

  5. American Garcia says:

    I am a big fan like you

  6. Hector Flores says:

    That's weird, don't know how I wounded up here? Just goggled "Best movie ever"

  7. NLRP Official says:

    Why has evryone commented right know

  8. lucy says:

    bast x-men 🙁 best movie

  9. Jovan M says:

    did they just now turn on comments?

  10. Chris Mac says:

    Why is there so few comments

  11. Gamer boy tiktaking says:

    That movie looks like the video game the last of us

  12. Dave Rychling says:

    Bring your daughter to work day

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