29 thoughts on “Loopy $5-$10 at Commerce | Poker Vlog #67”
  1. Michael LaPerna says:

    Did you review this venue in a past vlog?
    I enjoy your pros and cons reviews.

  2. meadydoheny says:

    I flopped top set with QQ recently and called 2 streets as the board ran clean, 3 ways (middle), before betting river when checked to. I think raising with JJ on the turn is a mistake…just flatting keeps your range wide in his mind and both your actual cards are likely narrow with such huge card removal. I like to catch value-owning 5's & middling pairs, case J's, and bluffs, in position, in this spot

  3. Le0 Corleone says:

    U have a IG bro

  4. Andrzej Rosinski says:

    Vendetta for $10-$20, I'm waiting as well .

  5. gb36901 says:

    Jj wasteland

  6. GK PRIVATE says:

    Whey does he say "Our Hand" when referring to his hand? Obvious collusion

  7. GK PRIVATE says:

    thank you for identifying yourself. If I see you recording at my or any table I can see, you will be reported, and hopefully banned as a repeat offender.

  8. Austin Alexander says:

    I like the Brad Owen Jiggities….nice touch….

  9. Eric Trueman says:

    Since you always say probably questionable to ISO with XYZ. I would strongly recommend you something called the "ISO Triangle" to figure out these spots when you are not sure if you should ISO or not. An ISO raise has basically 3 elements Frequent Handstrenght, Fold Equity, and Position. Frequent Handstrenght being an absolute factor (If you hold AQs you are always going to ISO no matter the Fold EV or Position) When your Frequent Handstrenght is not sufficient the other 2 factors have to be more favorable. Villian is Fit or Fold and you are on the BTN then The Frequent Handstrenght of QTo doesn't matter so much and it's still a good ISO raise. QTo against a sticky villain in the SB however would be a fold. It has been a great tool for me to solve these spots easily and fast. I got that from a book called "The Grinders Manual" and I think it would help you to improve your game even further. Great video!

  10. Connor McDowell says:

    "well, let me show you" lmao

  11. g yones says:

    @5:27 pocket Jizzles. Was that Brad O's face!!! Buawhahaha!!!

  12. Michael Baxter says:

    The super lentil startlingly imagine because joseph additionally plan pace a receptive blue. polite, gaudy thermometer

  13. wllprkr says:

    Doomed and instructing

  14. Michael Jeckering says:

    Lucky Shit, Lucky Bastard!!!!!

  15. Kevin LaTorre says:

    Yeah covid is sooo scary!

  16. Big Ben says:

    Mariano is my fav. poker tuber..He is a great player..

  17. Matthew Adams says:

    I like your turn check with the flush. If you only have ace-X hands there then good players can exploit that. You probably made an extra $50 there.

  18. Poker Scientist says:

    Good vlog man, I started recording my online games as well. I like how you .ake your videos

  19. Ben Lindridge says:

    Love the vlogs, watch all of them. Would you say Vegas or LA is softer for the 1-2 to 2-5 NL games?

  20. Olli K says:

    @16:05 I guess there is also merit to try to fold out a split. They should never have AK or AQ and I guess a 5 should bet the river almost always. Sometimes they call with worse (Q), sometimes call with a split and sometimes they fold a split.

  21. Team Turtle says:

    ….. take it slow!

  22. Fong Vang says:

    What's your most recommend casino in vegas strip to play poker?

  23. AlexisPoker says:

    Commerce has the best chips in the LA area !

  24. John Purdy says:

    Just subbed. Great content!

  25. Kevin Clarkson says:

    great vlog bro, I like tells but this one dude hollywooded preflop with AA vs my KK and I reverse-telled myself

  26. Luis Torres says:

    you know youre running good when you get to check fold the flop as pfr and be correct.

  27. Justin R says:

    Where can i gamble with real people …real money…..WITHOUT BOTS at the table

  28. Vacation Gotland says:

    Why raise the guy when you flop a set? Call him and let him bet on you on the river…

  29. Tigro says:

    Pocket Bradleyggies?

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