19 thoughts on “Low Stake Bonus Compilation on 9 New Slots + Tome Of Insanity On £1 Stake Twice+ Neighborhood BIG WINS!!”
  1. Jake H says:

    Get innnnnn, looking forward to watching some of the new gamessss

  2. Robin Froud says:

    How did i miss this ????? good luck anyway lads 🙂

  3. Michael Hinde says:

    Is that 9 X lockets with for 100x if had wiggled 1 to the left, then same again on the second drop? So close to

    I've never worked out how you'd ever get the 2,000x max win on that game though, seems impossible?

  4. Stephen Pickerill says:

    Ahhh, so close, the big KaTeabag was so close!! Next time, Davey is looking good again!

  5. Justin Manser says:

    Your letting Scotland down. Should have lifted his kilt, shown us he a traditionalist.

  6. rushy87 says:

    So close to smashing it with Davey there! Thanks for posting my win – hope to see ye back on Micro Knights again soon

  7. Graham Marshall says:

    Ad burst u in real life fur the amount of times u repeat yourself..lol

  8. DJ Shady says:

    Damn could of gone huge if it connected to the left side.Well enjoyed tht bud and thanks for showing another win of mine

  9. Philthy slots says:

    great session shame about cachunka missing twice

  10. James2020 20 says:

    My heart was going on the pound stakes. chill video then you flip it with the high stakes loved it mate

  11. Ian Turner says:

    Low stakes on a pound class

  12. Sharon Waldron says:

    Come on Davy lol , love it x

  13. Roy Smit says:

    Nice hoping Davey boy coming in with massive win, omg just missed the big guy twice

  14. Natz84 says:

    Great video as always! Thanks very much for including my big danger HV win at the end so unlucky on on £1 stake on the second bonus I was gutted for you, I had a similar set up that time I sent you a huge win on £1 stake I’m sure you know yourself how big it would have probably have been xx

  15. Marc Thomas says:

    So unlucky on Davey boy could of been huge

  16. PuntzakPlaysSlots says:

    Nice run there Chris , good it was bonus money 🙂

  17. Shycharlieace says:

    Good Video , Think that crazy wizard bonus lasted 10mins felt like more lol, davy on a £1 i suppose it was bonus funds right enough ,Stay Safe

  18. Richard Cheese says:

    When's the next time you're doing viewer vs viewer etc? Seems like its been on the back burner for a while.

  19. Blinky _1 says:

    Good luck Chris, ain't been here mate cos I smashed my phone. I seen my big win though mate. Best of luck

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