28 thoughts on “Lynne [AA] vs Kitty Kuo [AK] vs Francisco [KK]?!?! LADIES NIGHT $10/20 Money Sport Highlights!”
  1. Live at the Bike! Poker Stream says:

    Start a conversation with Kitty Kuo, Lynne Ji and the other ladies night players if you run into them by bringing up the awesome hands they played. See them as a MEMBER — ​https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvOEO35ieBuL-KdV0fXiuag/join​ !

  2. Paul Kloos says:

    It is funny to see her run in the turkey apparel

  3. Henrique Divina says:

    Lynne has DD not AA lol

  4. tsotas1968 says:

    kitty shouldn't be playing

  5. Sydney Gutierrez says:

    I love Julies Style..

  6. 杨静y t569 519 says:


  7. Kyle Shea says:

    Lynne is a super spewy donk. Painful to watch her play. It was so funny to watch Tom dwan punish her on high stakes poker.

  8. brian walrod says:

    Kitty how do you fold KK when no one could've made a straight or a flush yet ? Much love for that dress though !

  9. Sarn Saechao says:

    Comp changes to me

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  11. 陈君 says:


  12. Derek Louie says:

    Seat 1 just annoying

  13. Jeffrey Chil says:

    想啥呢 河牌出花面 秒弃哦

  14. George W Bush Center for Intelligence says:

    There's a young Asian woman with glasses she plays at the bike. She is really tight she folded a set of 10s .

  15. Kevin Phung says:

    Tell kitty go to sleep

  16. Jully Jims says:

    Maria Ho Ho Ho. She not Asian….where is she?

  17. Lo Brown says:

    ok fine,… I think the turkey is cute

  18. 郭先生 says:


  19. MrMoooCow4 says:

    9:53 folded kings there!?!?! yikes

  20. Ted Johnson says:

    Folding kings on that garbage board??

  21. Michael Wang says:

    Kitty bas 34 B or A?

  22. sherwin callejo says:

    Seat 9 is there just to peek at seat 1, he got the best angle

  23. Ace King says:

    no face mask?

  24. Pochen An says:


  25. Michael Jimenez says:

    How the hell pocket kings has been folded? What the fuck!

  26. Wayne Chiang Poker says:

    Kitty Kuo, Julie Yorn, Lynne, and more LADIES NIGHTS will be posted for MEMBERS — ​https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvOEO35ieBuL-KdV0fXiuag/join​ !

  27. Andy Wu says:

    kitty fold that overpair KK? wow why

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