28 thoughts on “Magician Reveals 10 Finest Poker TELLS! – (Studying Folks & Physique Language)”
  1. Rich Ferguson says:

    Unbelievably useful life skills and tools you can use in business, life or in poker!!… Please give the video a big share! Much appreciated.
    Also, learn some Poker Chip Tricks while you are here! https://youtu.be/gDG5In4KVSA

  2. Santi Mora says:

    I would share with my friends but to don’t want to share all these secrets I just learned. Great video

  3. samuel siahaan says:

    Thankyou dave spade!

  4. zalmy katz says:

    i started giving gum by poker

  5. PT ATX says:

    Excellent. Thank you.

  6. BA_ YoshiFi says:

    I’m just have some fun during covid with my family no money

  7. Travis Wilson says:

    Great vid, very helpful. Thanks!

  8. Mr Yaj says:

    Watch out for the reverse psychology because a few people like me use it

  9. Brotalian Can says:

    I play poker and am transitioning into being a fulltime poker player. I hope this helps!! That's for the help!!

  10. Existense says:

    Never played before, im willing to learn from those who can prove their worth

  11. Jay G says:

    I hit the like button 100 times just like you said!

  12. George Th says:

    Or read Joe Navarro "What EveryBody is saying".

  13. Brad L says:

    Read “The Biggest Bluff” instead. Even if you suck at poker it will make you better at life. By Maria Konnikova.

  14. Brad L says:

    A very wise man gave me some really good advice about 50 years ago. Disregard the opinion of any man who first gives you his qualifications to give you advice.

  15. Peace 66 says:

    So the guy eating the nuts actually has the nuts.

  16. Peace 66 says:

    When I get pocket aces I softly whisper "Mother fucker" so everyone thinks I have shit.

  17. Lisa Podesto says:

    you are good at poker

  18. Tomato Te Mana says:

    I got told not to pay too much attention to tells but these all explain a lot about my group of regulars

  19. Kenneth Jackson says:

    Thank, great information

  20. Justin Sustik says:

    Great vid

  21. John Dalton says:

    very good mate thanks

  22. KCC - Karen's Chronic Corner says:

    The engagement tell only works preflop when players check their cards as soon as they are dealt. Most of the time, players check cards on their turn.

  23. jeffarnim says:

    Cool interesting! Subconsciously, in home games, I’ve had good luck at using distraction or quiet as diversions from my own tells. So, randomly misrepresenting “disconnect” regardless of my hand, or the opposite, nervousness. It’s probably annoying, but just keeping the opponent off their guard so they’re not thinking of watching for my tells… I’m going to try not looking at my cards… sounds fun.

  24. Francis Pressly says:

    Ok Rich, I just have to comment, you beg waaaaaaaay too much. Too keep bullying the watcher with requests to like, subscribe, watch til the end etc. Come on, one time is plenty, after about the third or fourth time I clicked off your video and looked elsewhere. Get a clue, it is overkill by 1000%.

  25. Steffan Newton says:

    "You butter believe.." Is what I hear everytime

  26. Joshua Myatt says:

    You can’t be loosy goosy eating a samdwich

  27. Anishraj Jeebun says:

    Hi Rich, gr8 vid, i normally share all good videos, but with your video i dont want to, as why let my friends know the secret>>> lol

  28. robert thomason says:

    i use a card protector. i look at each card when delt to. i remember the cards. i place my card protector and don't relook at my cards. same motion every hand.

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