25 thoughts on “🎩 Maintain onto your Hat….it's my BIGGEST JACKPOT on the Recreation!”
  1. kenyatta Wilkins says:

    I love watching you play slot machines I really enjoy myself have a good one hit the jackpot baby

  2. Monroe Booker says:

    Va in the house

  3. Jerrie Freeman says:


  4. Sheila Moses says:

    Delicious Win Brian❤❤❤❤

  5. Reel Twinning Slots says:

    Congrats Brian! How fun! We try to get the hat machine to hit and it’s tough!!!!

  6. Nijah Southard says:

    Brian is Lit af in this vid I'm dying

  7. kaykaykat ._. says:

    love it

  8. Lisa Marando says:

    That was delicious !

  9. Meerkat Meerkat says:

    I won the $2400 major on this game with a $6 bet. (Hold On To Your Hat).

  10. Steven Reynolds says:

    Brian… when are you coming to the new Saracen Casino here in Pine Bluff, Arkansas? And how does one get involved in one of your group pulls?

  11. Donna Noel says:

    I like it better when you show yourself on the screen that way we can see your reaction. Congratulations!

  12. Mary Ellingsen says:

    Another great video! Congratulations on your big win that was fun❤️❤️

  13. Teana Beck says:

    I absolutely love this video!! So funny!!

  14. Mandrall Harris says:

    Congrats I won 1230$ on bengal link hot hand pay was watching you while I hit it!!

  15. Elizabeth Kessler says:

    Margaritas 1 Brian 0. Lol love watching you guys!

  16. ObscureSavior says:

    Does anyone in the comments know of a dragon treasure slot in Vegas ? At treasure island currently !

  17. Arlind Dano says:

    Stop the counting man wtf

  18. Tyler Dean says:

    Did you destroy a gas station??

  19. MrMotel99 says:

    I'd be willing to bet the last clip of Lighting Link Happy Lantern is at Choctaw in Oklahoma… The bells!!! Cheers!

  20. Mr Wulfekuhle says:

    Got my JACKPOT face mask and have won about 20k in the last 3 weeks. #lucky thanks Brian

  21. Me Not me says:

    Love your videos! I also yell, “Rude” when the game is being a butthead.

  22. califgirl101 says:

    8:38 What's under the hat? A sweet Major jackpot!

  23. MargaretAnn Rice says:

    Luv your videos, rewatch them too ……. Congrats on great win!

  24. Debbie Sanderson says:

    Brian a win is a win you starting to get or sound greedy . I can hear Britany say just get any balls on bonus your saying only want blue Major lol win is a win.

  25. J. Y says:

    When did "take your money and run after a big win" become waste another $225?

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