40 thoughts on “Mamacita CRUSHES the Desk ♠ Stay on the Bike!”
  1. Brian McCann says:

    For some reason every time I see mamacita it look like her breath stank !!!

  2. Jesus 2030 says:

    Jesus is Lord

  3. dave m says:

    This is why the adult industry keeps a good cash flow by video clicks even if it’s not their content. This whole table was a My friends Hot Mom or Milf Next Door clip

  4. Dom R says:

    Interesting how they each had a nice pair before the cards were even dealt

  5. Alex Dan says:

    There's some big pairs at this table

  6. bjorn_hates_em says:

    just played w/ mamacita and her bf @ gold nugg in vegas a week or so ago. she’s def. super agro and looks good af in her yoga pants!

  7. David Keoghan says:

    Maybe I’m old fashioned….

    But should these women not be at home

    Cooking and cleaning

  8. Shane B says:

    Trying to get Juanda caught ! “He’s married and rich. But I played with him once and He was plastered , macking on this chick” Snitchin ! Lol

  9. Venger Satanis says:


  10. Info Jual Beli Rumah Indonesia says:

    Mama cita love you

  11. 玩德州加微信dpq570 says:


  12. QT8270 says:


  13. Bang Dani says:

    To much bobs there ,

  14. Raymond Gadreault says:

    Wino is way better looking than mamacito

  15. George Ladopoulos says:

    They all have big pairs!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Pokerstars lol

  17. Lalbiaktluanga Hauzel says:


  18. Eagle says:

    Mamacita is wearing the cross earrings while gambling and drinking wine, Jesus must be very proud of her

  19. mio says:

    She fine af

  20. Matthew Werner says:


  21. Lee Hoole says:

    Think I'm in love with Mamacita.

  22. Stan B says:

    Show more of this…great to watch WFL and WPT

  23. John Allen says:

    IDK. I think I would have played 2K 2J a little bit harder than she did. Even in the face of a straight you've probably been feeding the kitty the whole hand and you have a vested interest in seeing if you hit the full house.

  24. Kevin Anderson says:

    Too much table talk when they are not in the pot.

  25. Muun Runner says:

    Wow that 1st hand had potential to be great, but it was boring asfuck to watch.

  26. Queen of Hearts says:

    Is this filmed at a casino?

  27. Game.ru. Games. says:

    crushes? you mean getting in worse and sucking out?

  28. Ernie l says:

    I want work this poker room !

  29. Mingi says:

    Must be nice to have a shit hand but actually get something on the flop

  30. Daniel Salvador says:

    She plays a wide range, knows how to fold, and add pressure on others. That’s some sick poker skills.

  31. Johnny Gross says:

    Girls nite out

  32. thi nguyen says:

    Mamacita is so hot lol I love watching ladies play poker but you don’t see too many of these women players do well against the guys lol but if they put in the hours they definitely can rule the poker world!

  33. Coach Naser ناصر عبد الستار ناصر says:

    What’s mamacita IG? For research purposes only

  34. ribot gimbal says:

    Good hands. Mama

  35. DDD Pheth says:

    I'm asian? So a flush draw looks like a full house to u?? What's that suppose to mean JA!

  36. Jose says:

    If I was the dealer I would not b able to concentrate I would fuck up everytime

  37. Miodrag Ljiljak says:

    Mamacita is beautiful

  38. Cantona F says:

    It would be REAL cat fights with Jennifer Tilly in this table.
    I would put my money on Mamacita

  39. attrix09 says:

    The commenter who said: ' How does two pair hold?' at the end of the vid is a true grinder as you can sense in his voice how many times he's eaten shit with two pair.

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