1. Terri Palmer says:

    Amazed how you can win on these crap machines.

  2. Kashia Jennings says:

    Less swearing it’s so agitating but I find myself watching your channel but turning volume down on all videos!! Less talking and less sound effects

  3. Ethan B says:

    I'm in Vegas. Your methods have won over a grand. Thank you!!

  4. Mo Vetta says:

    Awesome channel, SD! Do you use a player's card when you gamble?

  5. Allan Pille says:

    The voucher you showed from Wolf King was from 8/2/2020-dont add that to your total

  6. Patrick Kyker says:

    I don't need to watch LOC on YouTube. I saw it on MTV. lmao

  7. Vincent M says:

    Who decides on these horrible grand finale machines? I know it cant be SD just cuz of the horrible choices lately. Is he doing a poll or something?

  8. Cursed Wondering says:

    Still waiting for the 1 line 500$ grand finale

  9. A Noon Knocking says:

    Let's GO you transhartslore

  10. Kj says:

    Good morning to all from Vegas!

  11. Ralph Bennett says:

    I went casino yesterday for the first time in a year and I think I pick up a bad habit from watching sd guy…whining!

  12. Mary Jill Bringgold says:

    Woot, woot, woot!

  13. Jackpots After Dark says:

    Land of confusion was an awesome video . Political puppets

  14. Kosala Sar says:

    Good video good fun good luck.

  15. Si Smith says:

    Grand Finales are Cursed! SDGuy IDEA (Ring a ding ding) Walk up to a nice OLD LADY/Gentleman and give her/him Both $100 to play with for free. Sharing is caring! :O)

  16. eljuano0987654321 says:

    Wow I haven't been back to Prairie Meadows since I won a poker tournament 2 years ago

  17. Lisa Sunde says:


  18. Otis Boyles says:

    Have a Fantastic Day!!!!

  19. Matt Bailey Plays the Slots! says:

    We need a Land of Confusion remake! Imagine the Trump-pet!

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