32 thoughts on “Massive Bluff and Massive Punt at Capitol On line casino. poker vlog 44”
  1. Martin Roberts says:

    Played RAD poker. Technical glitches. 6 seconds to play a hand is too short. Otherwise it’s OK.

  2. Martin Coughlan says:

    You basically made 1 bad punt and it defined your session. You've recognised it so don't worry and move on. GG

  3. Dac Gours says:

    What’s rampage doing in this vlog?

  4. Steven Bakarich says:

    Hey Doug, Enjoy watching your videos out here in Oklahoma.
    I came across your YouTube channel a couple of months ago while watching Brad Owens and kevin Fischl poker vlogs. Got to play at Capitol a couple of times with my dad about 3 years ago. I told him about your vlog. He said he knew ya and that your a great guy!
    Shout out from Judge Jerry B and his son Steve…

  5. Breezy Man says:

    What app do you use to run the numbers?

  6. Troy Johnston says:

    Pretty aggressive lines here. Where's that OMC range at? 😛

  7. Paul Harris says:

    thanks for the vlog – rough second day but they happen and I would have called with the A2 as well but one thing to keep in mind is that deuces are the only second pair that can be counter fitted 100% of the time when the board pairs and then you have kicker issues 😉 .

  8. 86 Poker says:

    OG $$$ clip lol

  9. StreetSoulLover says:

    So Doug, a little tip, This is one from Bart Hanson .
    When you bet flop and turn for the same value, aka KdQc hand – it is almost always a weak hand. If I saw you bet flop for $15, then bet turn for $15 I am going to raise as I am pretty confident that your hand has been relegated in value by the turn card. If you think about it, it's technically a downbet with respect to the size of the pot, why would anyone downbet the turn??? It makes no sense.

  10. Fish Poker says:

    Dam u cracked queens lol it was his fault for not 3 betting tho. Great vlog man! Keep em coming!

  11. Burnell Harris says:

    Can’t win them all and can’t expect players to play like u expect or want them too

  12. kingC says:

    here's an OMC that doesn't play like an OMC

  13. Mark Tombazian says:

    Yeah, bluffing is really just brilliant. Problem is, when it works you think it will always work becuz, dang, yer just too cool for school. Cept, well, ya ain't. So keep it up, everyone wants to be ol' Tom Dwan….or someone like that. Funny game, poker.

  14. Adan Sampieri says:

    Mr .Doug you won't happen to know what happened to Mr Poker beast?

  15. Phong Giang says:

    Let me get some money f$$ker????

  16. NotTheNuts says:

    I hope the KQ player on that last one didn't actually laugh – he shipped it with nothing but a gutshot. Maybe he was laughing at himself at how poorly he played the hand? Let's go with that.

  17. paul maier says:

    what is the drop at this casino?

  18. Chai Jia Han says:

    is your watch real?

  19. Vito C says:

    Nice jam! I was worried that he'd smell out a bluff with a jam. I thought maybe a little less than a jam would be more believable. Anyway he folded so good on you!
    Interesting fold with the Js.

  20. Scoldrozy says:

    New here, how the heck do you remember all that?

  21. TOOTHBETOLD says:

    Played against you on Rad. You took the W.

  22. Evan Stuart-Paul says:

    Great vid! I like the bluff with J10 of spades there, unfortunate run out with the A2 of hearts there

  23. Joe Cotrone says:

    What is the point of jamming the turn with the AA the only thing he can call with are flushes and boats. If he is spazzing out bluffing let him do it then.

  24. Timothy Cottrell says:

    Dam thats a smart dog

  25. AceKing says:

    Dude you had as paid with those jacks why fold

  26. AceKing says:

    I don’t understand how to raise on rad poker

  27. Vince Z says:

    Ouch on the AK hand but let this be a reminder to anyone watching that when we do actually make our premium hands, to maximize value and bet BIG. You could have easily had AA/KK/AKspades/AQ here but opponent too in love with his hand to fold (he actually made horrible calls). Although funny enough, if you did have an overpair I don't think you'd actually play it this way (I know I wouldn't…), so it actually reminds me to bet often and bet big when you aren't super deep and don't be afraid of getting called by better.

  28. Sarah Marie says:

    How long are you playing to get all these cards

  29. yeajray 231 says:

    That dude loses all kind of money calling all ins with top pair and trash kicker on the river.

    It was a good play on your part. Hopefully you'll see him again when you have it.

  30. KM Snow says:

    Every time I hear (from a 1-3 game) that “I’ll peel one on the flop with 2 over cards and plan to take the pot away in future streets”, my jerk reaction is usually “Oh boy!”.

  31. scott tavernier says:

    The last hand I don’t fault the AQ but the KQ all in with gutter is fish poker to the highest levels

  32. Ngarun Houth says:

    I like your hair

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