20 thoughts on “MASSIVE WIN!! three Re-Triggers In A Row!? Buffalo Gold Revolution Slot Machine! BONUS!!”
  1. Amanda Serrano says:

    I love buffalo revolution but it's too hard to win n get bonus. I've try it every time I go to my local casino. Idk how ppl here on youtube get all this amazing winss

  2. MikeYac66 says:

    Love the new camera view and being able to see your reaction. Although it will be much better when we can lose the masks!

  3. Lawrence S. says:

    BUFFALO!!!! Great win Sarah!! You look great on the inset picture!!

  4. James Oneavatar says:

    Awesome bonus, esp. for the way it started. Congratulations! It would be better, sometimes, if you could get more spins instead of heads

  5. Slot Mania says:

    Nice win!

  6. Agent Smart says:

    Always makes me smile seeing you get those big blasts, seeing you do your happy dance and that Beautiful eye smile brings just a little light to these dark times. Best of luck to you 🙂

  7. Keith Bewhay says:

    Awesome win, thanks for the fun in 2020, happy new year, great video thank you.

  8. Hartcore11 says:

    Nice win.

  9. bigron725 says:

    Love watching you play . Win more than lose most times but always funny and smiling . Thanks

  10. Belinda West says:

    Are you using two ameras to film this

  11. Damian Barnard says:

    If I sell everything I own and fly from Australia to Vegas , would you meet me for a coffee…? So enamoured . Happy New Year xx

  12. Elijah Idoan says:

    Los Cuatreros bandidos Ah?Hope It pays Good.

  13. Elijah Idoan says:

    Very pretty as always.An Honor AND respect to such a Beautifull person.Best of Luck for the coming Year.

  14. Michael Kaczmarek says:

    Love watching your videos, always puts a smile on my face. Just wish your luck would rub on me when I go to the casino. Lol

  15. skip 0464a says:

    ha ha i think you should shake your head more when you sing and chair dance haha 🙂

  16. Ju Lee says:

    So are you a full time Vlogger/Gambler? You don't have a 9 to 5 job besides this?

  17. Jim McGarry says:

    And little old me plays and wins $300 sometimes and is quite happy, but look at you !! Great win

  18. Fivepointstang2 says:

    I speak for the masses when I say “Bring back starting your videos with ‘Alright guys….’. “

  19. urgirl sp says:

    Wow 2 game in 1 video

  20. roshmatifa says:

    Awesome win! When you don’t get a handpay just below is perfect!

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