27 thoughts on “MASSIVE WINNING on the ALL ABOARD characteristic !! THIS NEW SLOT IS HOT!!”
  1. Elizabeth Millar says:

    The “trick” to All Aboard? Slooooow down your spins in the train bonus. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Millar says:

    I LOVE the All Aboard game. Play it a lot at Southpointe Las Vegas. Fun times! 🙂

  3. Taylor Porter says:

    What casino were you at ?

  4. Karen Alvarez says:

    That All Aboard game seems to be really fun. I've never seen it or played so I'll keep my eye out for it whenever back in a casino. Girl I'm surprised you didn't cash out when you were at $2k but I totally get how fun games can pull us in. The piggy bonus was better than the one on the miner version. Great run!

  5. Paulette Erickson says:

    How is it you can afford a5 dollar bet?

  6. Slot Groupie Tville says:

    Fun game when it plays. Hit the MEGA on .10 denom, $5 bet, paid over 4700 crazy potential.

  7. Stephen Helton says:


  8. Lydia Castilho says:

    Great picking! And I love that ALL ABOARD game. So awesome. Thanks for uploading.

  9. Sergio Canas says:

    lol – "I never wanted a chuchu train more than when i was a baby!!!!" great job

  10. Visayan-Tagalog Explorer says:

    How cool Madam keep it up

  11. Leona Johnson says:

    I played the other version of this game at Circa had a really good bonus so fun!!

  12. Paula Street says:

    That’s a great new machine!!!!! Piggy Pennies- I’ve never seen it

  13. Deanne H says:

    That machine was on fire! Such a fun bonus!!

  14. Slots of Love says:

    This All aboard machine looks so fun I can't wait to try it! Hope you have a wonderful week Slot Queen and a Happy Thanksgiving! :0)

  15. Slot500Club says:

    I can't wait to find this game. It looks like so much fun.

  16. Jennifer o says:

    Have u changed ur channel to just showing bonuses from now on?

  17. Randall Wood says:

    Wisconsin Watching

  18. Marlene Green says:

    Loved watching u win. Do u gamble online? With chumba or luckyland,? Since I'm in Texas nothing local so online is what I've been doing. Good luck keep winning

  19. Sandra Martinez says:

    Hi mom

  20. Vanessa Otero says:

    Slot Queen you were on fire on the all abroad machine. Way to go congratulations

  21. Casey Payton says:

    That All Aboard feature is the best! Love to see this bonus.

  22. Sandra Carroll says:

    Love the all aboard game. Got a first spin bonus on it once and won over $700 from a $2.50 bet!

  23. Slot Hustler says:

    wow that is a cool game. I haven't seen it at our local casinos.

  24. jean spaulding says:

    I love this game too. Happy Turkey Day.

  25. Sabrina Carten says:

    Those piggies are everything!!!!

  26. Gulf Coast Slots says:


  27. Mark Nelson says:

    ALL ABOARD. nice.

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