9 thoughts on “Massive Wins on Gems Bonanza (Highlights)”
  1. Tobias White-Sansom says:

    Such a shame because Jacks actually entertaining! Probably because it’s his money!

    But Phillip is rude! Unlike able. And boring!

  2. Tobias White-Sansom says:

    Guys! Anyone fed up of seeing Phillips annoying face!

    Or fed up of watching him encouraging you to gamble while he’s paid to!!!

    Just block the channel! Say not interested and never see the annoying Tit again!

  3. R. H. says:

    Money on ze beach

  4. Jenkan says:

    whats your twitch called?

  5. Cukcik .x says:

    Captain your captain

  6. alper halit says:

    Yooo Yooo Komiendooo

  7. Loo says:

    I love gems bonanza

  8. Risnan Nan says:

    Give away bro

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