12 thoughts on “Match of CHAMPS Closing Desk Seminole Exhausting Rock Highlights”
  1. Rahul Kumar says:

    Ikh wankt to know how much I can damage you lol

  2. Michael Gray says:

    damn what happened to noah

  3. Michael Gray says:

    vlad just punting hard with that K9o

  4. QT8270 says:


  5. Baran Calisci says:

    2:26 I dont understand this check. He has the second best nuts after Q9 right? Was he actually thinking someone had that or why would you check at this point?

  6. atomly says:

    I was like "where are their masks?" but then I realized they didn't make Grinder good again and bring Mike Sexton back from the dead just to expose him to COVID and this is actually old.

  7. Maciek Kusnierz says:

    Farid should go play the lotto

  8. Misushi says:

    I really dont get it how Farid one that one lol. He played so bad for the most part, made some unreasonable decisions even…
    Michael was definitely the better one of them. And just wth was Vlad thinking at his last hand? Hero call at head up?

  9. Ian christ ian says:

    When was this played ?

  10. Kase One says:

    What an idiot, last hand you keep calling with k7

  11. Probably Batman's Adventures says:

    27:16 Fahrid says: Denmark? but the are you kidding me bro is silent

  12. Nicholas Teo says:

    epic last hand

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