19 thoughts on “MAX BET CHALLENGE on EVERY KONAMI SLOT MACHINE 💯 Stay On line casino Pittsburgh #advert”
  1. Karen DeBolt says:

    China Shores

  2. Ann Hayes says:

    Chille fire

  3. Kameron Myles says:

    Lotus land

  4. Jules Warner says:

    Loved this but in Oregon, I got so many bonuses and good line hits 🙂 your good luck rubbed off on me Brian ha ha 🙂

  5. Betty Boop says:

    Technically, although THIER was 9 different games, the spin count remained the same 225 spins with NO bonus. This was a great, fun & educational video!. You do get a few great line hits ( occasionally) but poor overall results.

  6. Devonia Smith says:

    Chili Chili Fire

  7. JOANNE FOLEY says:


  8. Ron Welch says:

    Lotus will win

  9. Maggie Cuffee says:


  10. Graham Hunter says:


  11. Vicki Bradford says:


  12. Jose Ruiz says:

    Chili Fire

  13. Timothy Cox says:

    China Shores Boosted

  14. Jacob Arredondo says:

    Chili fire an mayans where best

  15. Chronotech says:

    You're supporting the people who are pissing on the legacy of Konamis games

  16. Nate Castonia says:

    China shores

  17. Alain Doucet says:


  18. country boy says:

    Does each game have its own set of payouts?

  19. Rosemary Morgan says:

    Sparkling Roses

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