9 thoughts on “MAX BET & I Hit 10X on💥Timberwolf Deluxe💥#slotman #slotmachine #on line casino #chumashcasino”
  1. John King says:

    Congratulations on your winnings your method works I hit for $600… So tell me what are the best bonuses to pick 50x, 32x, or 18x?

  2. Cleo says:

    It seems like you are playing for an audience and not yourself. Hey guys, wow guys, look guys!

  3. Sydney Slots says:

    My new favourite channel

  4. JAYR SLOTS says:

    awesome win again,congrats

  5. Lucky lady says:

    Another timber wolf hits.. you will not lose on this slot lol. This is your game!

  6. JavaQueen says:

    Timber Wolf Whisperer has done it again!!!

  7. Sal Carp says:

    Great hit as usual. Just like Timber Wolf is your go to machine. Mine is the Wonder 4 Spinning Fortunes. Won 6k on a minimum $2 bet as well as hitting the Grand for 15,000 on a minimum bet as well. Wasn't able to post that video was too in shock…lol

  8. Flint Dog says:

    You always come through with the timberwolves upload at the right time!

  9. GL Slots says:

    Sup Slotman hope all is well with you buddy always getting these killer hits wooo

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