16 thoughts on “MAX BET !! NEW SLOT !! AMAZING BIG WIN BONUS !!”
  1. John Noel says:

    Thanks for the entertaining videos. I like the new intro!! Good quality and colors.

  2. Denise Brooks says:

    Congratulations. Reviewing for security no time.

  3. Motor City Scratchers says:

    New friend to the channel! Have a great day enjoyed the video!

  4. Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos says:

    Thanks for sharing a new game! Too bad we don't get any of these new Aruze games here in MD. Hope you were able to get the hold spin feature however that plays!

  5. Ultimate Gamer says:

    Dig your channel. I play pc slots don't have a chance to play at real casinos.

  6. Beth Hitchcock says:

    Awesome wins AOMP! Thanks for the distraction from life ❤️

  7. Paula Street says:

    Love the intro it sounds like Owl City

  8. cazulu3 says:

    The new intro is nice. The softer music is good and the slot queen wording at the end is on point.

  9. Aaron G. says:

    Great bonuses!!

  10. gscott32 says:

    Hi SQ, hope you and the family are well. Thanks for the video, it's cool to see newer games like Diamond Trails. Not sure where my B-day travels will take me, but I'll let you know if I win anything good! Take care, be safe and have a Grand Day!

  11. Lisa Hassan says:

    Really liking the new games

  12. one very says:

    sq rocking it on the machines…I remember the days were you were a low roller and a sq 20 was the bankroll lol…look at you with the big girl bets lol…

  13. Diana Hunt says:

    Nice bonuses! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Rene Louisiana Red says:

    So many new games out there. TGIF have a wonderful day

  15. Patricia Garrett says:

    Love new intro

  16. Vanessa Otero says:

    I thought you was going to win that major again on Mega ultra fire link. You were close. I like that Diamond game it looks interesting.

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