21 thoughts on “MEGA PLAY ACTION!? $50.00 BET FEATURE! FORTUNE RULER DA SHEN DAO Slot Machine (SG)”
  1. Young lady says:

    What a waste of money ☹☹☹!

  2. AB's Kitchen Recipes & Vlogs II says:

    That was too awesome!!!!

    watching until the end !!!

    Happy Tuesday !!!

  3. Susie Smith says:

    Aww sorry honey I was hoping you won a big major amount

  4. Debby S says:

    Shame on that machine! $50 buy-in Bonus…28 spins should have been something BIG. I'll walk past this machine all day. F-U is what I'd say to that Ruler. lol! Enjoyed watching.

  5. Anna A Slots says:

    Better luck next time my friend

  6. The Laughing Lion says:

    Looking for that big hit on max bet. I think you need to try about 10 -20 attempts for that big win.

  7. pete lidster says:

    I would have run away after the first two $50 bets. Thanks for playing this for us Albert so I will never have to. Lol

  8. Jerry Koshi says:

    Those machines are awful. $50 28 spins and nothing. Slot makers should be ashamed. To greedy.

  9. Dirk Weeber says:

    Thanks for that, a reminder that we mainly loose in Casinos. Most of the channels post their winning sessions – what I like about yours is that you don't. I am not a fan of this click bait 50 Dollar spins anyway. I only bet high if I won a lot or by accident. Chapeau for the honesty and thanks – another person to another time might win like crazy on this game it is as it is always – you have to be at the right time at the right place. Keep up the good work all the best – btw. we now know that inter asian travel will not open before August this year which means no Casino gambling until that time either…..

  10. Sherrie Lynn says:

    Thanks for showing me a game I will never play after seeing those crappy payouts

  11. Tigermob Boss says:

    28 games and not enough for 5000.. waste of time and money for this game..

  12. angel roman says:

    I think a regular machine has way more potential than this $ 50 bet Thxs fore sharing Albert !!

  13. Dianaevoni Vegas Slot Machine Videos says:

    Good try Albert. Atlantis had that game last year and every bonus I got was disappointing. You deserve a big win on the next game you play! Have a fun Sunday and good luck!

  14. Cathy Greenwood says:

    Nice try!!! Until next video

  15. Tam Mai says:

    Expensive actioned

  16. onejazzimom says:

    Tfs…I am still surprised lol

  17. Chris B says:

    That game sucks!

  18. karma magers says:

    This game stinks!

  19. Vanessa Otero says:

    Albert with $50.00 bet you should of gotten a lot of bonus that pays well. I really didn’t like that game. I will pass on that machine.

  20. DamonZod says:

    I had the same luck today. Cash in: $52 cash out 0.20 on montezuma.

  21. Mona Canfield says:

    Oh dang….thanks for sharing anyway, Albert. Good luck!

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