17 thoughts on “Megaways Slots Bonus Hunt: 13 Bonuses – Random Stakes – £1000 Beginning Steadiness”
  1. Jason Vickers from Reading, Berkshire says:

    Was there no slot battle with the other 2 for some reason aint seen it cud u link it cheers

  2. Robin Froud says:

    Andy mate I seem to be having trouble watching some of your past uploads ??? I have to prove my age ????

  3. iain maple 206 says:

    Great video and idea just shame about the payouts.

  4. simon Clarke says:

    Unlucky mate , not sure you should do that again

  5. Melly 21 says:

    where is the slot battle from you azzi and bob?

  6. Andy Breslin says:

    Oh well wasn't bad.
    Wasn't brilliant.
    Best of luck next time..

  7. David vdHurk says:

    Stop with Primal, please.

  8. Paul Dangerfield says:

    Very unlucky, liked the idea though

  9. devil damo says:

    the word nice is jinxin u

  10. R-S says:

    I stay clear of megaways, the pay is more often than not, shocking

  11. Stuart max147 Allen says:

    Great video mate I love the megaways slots but to have that many bonuses and coming out barely getting half your money back is shocking, one day them megawasy will all pay for you.

  12. Nathan Leigh says:

    What's the difference? still the same RTP if you bonus hunt…..just silly….

  13. Jordan Barker says:

    That's was so bad luck . Unlucky mate good vid all the same ❤️

  14. IRokUSuk says:

    Unlucky Andy. Not a bad idea, but you definitely picked a few stinkers. That Gimme Gold game is just awful, never seen it do anything.

  15. Robin Froud says:

    Good luck mate 🙂

  16. Harvey Baldwin says:

    Great video and tough luck. So frustrating when megaways don't pay

  17. Dylan Halliday says:

    Most consistent slotter with the best mix up of games. Keep em coming mate

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