44 thoughts on “Mike Matusow vs Shawn Sheikhan Epic Struggle at World Collection of Poker”
  1. Fantasy23Legend says:

    I don't like Mike or Shawn, but I can't stand Jack even more.

  2. Joab Johnstone says:

    Shawn was the only one who deserved a penalty

  3. Top Top- All In. says:


  4. Tim Osman says:

    We were living through poker history during those times

  5. May Day says:

    Snitched like a …..

  6. The Moto King says:

    Fun to watch.

  7. James Nunya says:

    Nice vid. I'm not subscribing to you over priced site tho. Thanks.

  8. Stapes says:

    I went to binions for the first time. So much history in it. It feels old in there.
    Wish I knew where the card room was. Only walked through casino part

  9. West says:

    These guys are sick. Guys super pissed going out 11th winning 600k….how fuckin pathetic are people in poker….also always thought Mike was the most overrated player in poker history.

  10. Vee Kay says:

    The dealer and floor staff should have told Sheik to shut up. Mike did because they didn't do their job.

  11. Avi Langer says:

    Doesn’t the “mouth” have something to say ! Like who’s the sucker sheik !

  12. S Tra says:

    He looks like a priest.

  13. Brandon Hazelton says:

    you can win with grace or you can win this way lololol

  14. Hebben jullie Niets mee te maken says:

    Sheikhan doesn't belong at a poker table with his attitude. I'm surprised nobody has kicked out some of his teeth for his attitude yet.

  15. M Amini says:

    Never seen jack so scared

  16. GusChiggins says:

    Well, you can win with grace, or you can win this way hahahaha

  17. tamoose1 says:

    Two guys you haven’t heard from in 10 years

  18. J Blaze says:

    Those were the best days of poker. Classic

  19. Jeff gibbs says:

    The good ole days. Wtf Why change it ???? Cmon

  20. killbot_factory says:

    two of the biggest POSes in the game going at it. yay.

  21. Johnny Appleseed says:

    Always loved Matusow

  22. Pedro Rivera says:

    Sheikhan was the worst. Wasn't he accused of being with a minor?

  23. JiveDadson says:

    Small point. Head's up, the worst hand is 2-3 off suit.

  24. JiveDadson says:

    What ever happened to Sheikhan?

  25. cacox says:

    Sheik is the only player who's actually more annoying than Mike

  26. Brain Dance says:

    Sheikhan literally sounded like he was gonna cry when quoting what Mike said.

  27. Nikolas Despotidis says:

    Matusow, piece o sheet

  28. Slot Stoner says:

    Mikey was always the most entertaining player to watch!

  29. the guy says:

    Say what you want but I love that guy, #Mike the mouth

  30. Rafapaz says:

    Mr Sheikhan got away with a conviction for misdemeanor sexual battery on a child under 18…

    Tells you something about the man’s moral compass..

  31. Ronnie Creager says:

    Oh man. 7-2. Wish that would have went a bit different how funny

  32. Tony Roberts says:

    isreal vs palastine

  33. KINGPRANK says:

    Sheikhan is an arrogant bully boy I love seeing him lose almost as much as I love seeing Tony G lose.

  34. james shaw says:

    3.10 the guy in the red is sam grizzle, famously smacked hellmuth one in the face

  35. Glenn Rudolph says:

    Shere khan. What a name

  36. Matt Eckert says:

    Shiek is wrong but mike is an asshole so its hard to feel bad for him

  37. sam chun says:

    sheikan should’ve got a bigger penalty. completely classless

  38. TheDefBurns says:

    A classic!

  39. Ross Holdstock says:

    that wasn't quote on quote what he said actually

  40. Nebraska60 says:

    Sheik should've gotten a 20 minute penalty. He slammed the table and then turned around in his seat to talk about the hand with the gallery.

  41. Theo Otto says:

    No cursing back in the day? That’s a horrible rule

  42. Direct Pressure says:

    Arab fighting a Jew. Historically true & nothing new.

  43. pokerstar 1176 says:

    hard to believe these guys are actually friends away from the tables…

  44. zpinkpiggypig says:

    they are both arseholes

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