24 thoughts on “Mike Sexton's EPIC TRIUMPH at WPT Montreal!”
  1. scbluesman13 says:

    May your cards be live, and your pots be monsters! RIP to a legend.

  2. Jairo LemusRamirez says:

    I had no idea he had passed away, R.I.P. Mike sexton as I first got into poker his voice commented eveything I remember

  3. Niamh Campbell says:

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  4. Alexander Diana says:

    He deserved it. He didn’t give up and came from behind like a true legend. Well done champ! Rest easy

  5. imtrex 521 says:

    well deserved. He gave me many hours of enjoyment. RIP Mike.

  6. KingJamie The Mad says:

    Man it is fun to watch this video. I know how much we all loved mike but hey… Benny was a monster in this game. Big stack for the most time. Kinda felt like we were capping on Benny but I bet he would understand

  7. Gary Pollack says:

    Did not hear that Mike had passed. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike at the Mirage and purchased his book. Quality guy.

  8. Horst Granz says:

    Sexton died on September 6, 2020, two weeks before his 73rd birthday, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer

  9. Nikola Soldo says:

    Vidi Eme sunce ti žarko..

  10. David W says:

    You ask to hit the like button 10 seconds into the video, not at the end – how do I know I like it until I have watched it?

  11. Joe Don says:

    Sexton also knows how to dress himself like a champion.

  12. Joe Don says:

    Fun to watch Sexton. He plays quickly, without all the theatre of most players.

  13. lambo chung says:

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  14. Dan Giovannetti says:

    was my favorite poker announcer. I loved watching the WPT more than WSOP because of Mike. He will be missed.

  15. Lester Gill says:

    I just felt great joy seeing Mike Sexton when his first WPT bracelet. And then immediately felt great sorrow to find out he is no longer with us in the physical. Rest peacefully Mike thanks for the great commentary. You will truly be missed

  16. Chris Pineda says:

    Didn’t even know he died rip to a staple personality of poker

  17. Antwan says:

    Damn this video was hype as fuck. Such a legend

  18. vinicius oliveira says:

    bye bye xing ling

  19. Mercedes Rodriguez says:

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  20. MUSBFRANK says:

    Holy shit, I did not know he passed away, love his commentary, his table etiquette, just a class act, RIP Mr. Sexton.

  21. Adam Jackson says:

    I didn't know Mike had passed until the end of this video.
    What a great ambassador for the game of poker.
    "May all of your cards be live, and may all of your pots be monsters."

  22. Matthew Richardson says:

    I love the camera work on this, and the graphics. Best done.

  23. Cesar Garza says:

    what a sad ending…. had no idea he died… so sorry

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