21 thoughts on “Million Greenback Money Recreation S4E10 FULL EPISODE Poker Present”
  1. Scott Christensen says:

    Mouly has the corona..

  2. Jeffrey Brody says:

    These commentators try their hardest however they are not all that good

  3. aaron breeds says:

    i dont mind seeing dwan lose simply cause at your home game theres always a new guy who comes and just bets everything always when youre having a nice casual social game haha… i realize this is a pro game, but he reminds me of that guy

  4. Scott Harding says:

    Matusow to Ivey, Hand #1: "I'm in this thing for the whole 24 hours!"

    Matusow, after winning $100k: "I'm outta here!"

    Didn't he bet Ivey he'd stay in the whole game? Wonder if Phil ever got paid… 😀

  5. bkokohut1980 says:

    These announcers are great except for one thing…. they will literally repeat what the other just said word for word.

  6. bkokohut1980 says:

    I'm trying to find video of that 2002 omaha tournament, matusow vs Negreanu…. can't find it. If anyone knows where to find it, please comment. (And it ain't up my ass, I already looked).

  7. daniella dreams says:

    Bad play for durr

  8. Del G says:

    COMMENTATORS: Please remember, when it comes to running ur mouth, LESS is More

  9. huy thong says:

    13:59 "So, you like to overbet in different spots right? Watch this"

  10. Bob Eskin says:

    Mike the Mouth Matisow is absolute one of my top 10 favorite poker players

  11. Maak Benz says:

    Does 'Durr' stands for 'luck at River" ????

  12. Doesn't Matter says:

    The trip A hand surprised me. Antonius did the same thing to Tony G. Same type of hand. I wonder if this was before or after that hand with G

  13. J F says:

    Outplaying doesn’t equal folding for 3.5 hours mostly short handed and waiting for a big hand and miraculously gets paid off.

  14. Ainsley Harriott says:

    tam dwan

  15. Ron lanman says:

    Durr says, I'm 23. Play poker. Lol. You will get experience.

    Go home and live at you parents.

  16. Bertrand Rustled says:

    14:27 "I had two pair"

  17. Scott Christensen says:


  18. Gary Murray says:

    14.50 as beautiful as a rock in a cops face .nice one dwan

  19. Rob Mendez says:

    sad to see Ivy leave so early

  20. Compte Officiel says:

    dwan at his absolute prime

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