26 thoughts on “Million Greenback Money Recreation S4E3 FULL EPISODE Poker Present”
  1. Poker4Pros says:

    Ivey wants to beat every single pot lol

  2. Scott Christensen says:

    An ante in a cash game wtf..never even heard of that before

  3. lalman1337 says:

    gay tom

  4. Lasse Jensen says:

    No doubt that Ivey, at this time, was a top 3 player in the world – and showing it off here. But none the less it is aggravating hearing these commentators rubbing each other every time he is in a hand …

  5. Dorian Gray says:

    Ivey so overrated

  6. Jeffrey Brody says:

    Ferguson need to shampoo his hair. Looks greasey

  7. Paul Gaasenbeek says:

    Is there anyone in at seats 5, 6 ,7? Terrible table!

  8. aaron breeds says:

    phil ivey and dan negraneau are guys id let come to my game and take my money just because theyre so good and nice guys

  9. SpotOmnivore 109 says:

    ep 3 and Chris Ferguson havent played a hand yet ….

  10. Jeffrey Brody says:

    Dwan playing as bad as possible

  11. Jeffrey Brody says:

    Feldman is a joke, overmatched by his competition

  12. George Tonwashing says:

    Never try to bluff the crazy Tom.

  13. Jeffrey Brody says:

    Feldman is joke

  14. Jeffrey Brody says:

    Agree nothing cool about Feldman

  15. Jeffrey Brody says:

    Phil is as tough as it gets

  16. jipsasac says:

    when i see allen cunningham chewing his food i feel sorry for his mum

  17. Scott Christensen says:

    Lol Phil Ivey smiling..he was thinking..well we stole all this money from full tilt and never for in trouble..f it..let's play on a free role

  18. Christopher Almeida says:

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  19. Christopher Almeida says:

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  20. B T says:

    Cunningham is as tight as a virgin

  21. Ken Davis says:

    I know dudes are geniuses but the tanking is unwatchable, horrible tv!

  22. Ryan K says:

    Feldman is the check king..BET !!

  23. Shawn English says:

    I’m very confused how someone with behavior like Feldman ever made it to this level.

  24. Geneva Dunn says:

    On behalf of everyone in the Uk. We are sorry for Andrew Feldman

  25. Orlando Del Toro says:


  26. Sean Efrem says:

    Feldmans new name failman

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