30 thoughts on “Million Greenback Rip-off in Phil Hellmuth's Money Recreation? (Poker Information)”
  1. Matiaza says:

    4:34 Didn't know that Obama was the CEO of WPT.

  2. Leonard Young says:

    Patrick below those guys didnt make sense

  3. ryan bennett bennett says:

    Polk said something? Who cares? No one. Thats who. Wait, only polk cares.

  4. RoG rogbr says:

    When Galfond vs Shwartz end it shall be place as a picture next to the word rape in the dictionary.

  5. Yan Kubik says:

    i hope galfond will shut off the big mouth of the most idiot person on the planet SWARTZ !!!!! you know the the man with a strange shape who think hes the better head up poker player in world !!!! babababahaha

  6. Edwin Hilario says:

    You talk so fast!,slow a little bet

  7. Charles Foutch says:

    Tony G is the nicest guy in poker.

  8. K S says:

    tony G returns to claim captainship i hope he finds reasonable lineups to play against

  9. Dandy Chiggins says:

    Nice channel. Just found & subbed. Keep it up.

  10. koslim says:

    Wsop championship can only be won live.. Online poker has nothing to do with real poker

  11. Joe Bag o donuts says:

    Tony G figured out quickly that government is a scam so he got out and went back to playing poker !!

  12. Justin Land says:

    good video man.

  13. Cuthbert Bracegirdle says:

    Internet poker is a scam. No doubt about it.

  14. Michael J says:

    Thumbnail says cheated for MILLIONS. Story you told says 800k. Clickbait, or accounting error?

  15. Santiago Thomas says:


  16. vambo13257 says:

    Norman Chad is loser

  17. vambo13257 says:

    Danny lost over $1.2M

  18. Rudi Storm says:

    Your content is always top notch.

  19. Matt Sullivan says:

    No one wants to see Tony g come back unless it's to get knocked out by someone and I don't mean felted lol

  20. George W Bush Center for Intelligence says:

    Russ Hamilton is connected to PH . Go from there

  21. Green Envy says:

    I agree with Stoyan. Norman is an absolute idiot.

  22. Fishcakes says:

    You gotta love that all these poker players are POS and lie and cheat each other….name me 1 player that isn't a liar, cheater or scammer…I'll wait.

  23. run 187 says:

    Fake feud, fake challenge..

  24. Anders Povirk says:

    Ugh… I think you mean POLKER NEWS

  25. bozzface1 says:

    Mike postle is innocent

  26. Alaskaguyd says:

    Galfond vs Jungleman will be epic.

  27. Caleb Ross says:

    Yeah, since Polk stopped doing these news segments, I’ve been itching for someone else to do it.

  28. Roy Henson says:

    Doug Polk Beat DNEGS By 1.2 Million…It's Over

  29. ooStuStu * says:

    Gg keep them coming

  30. postlezone-GOD says:

    The bike is coming – Tony g is coming back – he got da HAAART

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