20 thoughts on “MILLIONS South America 2020 | NLH Fundamental Occasion Day 3 | FULL STREAM | Event Poker | partypoker”
  1. vergil177 says:

    No hay papo

  2. Dan Mernyak says:

    Charles is the man

  3. arturas rybakas says:

    Sick hand at 44.44. with Fabio and Sergio.

  4. James Tommasin says:

    Hard to tell who the sucker is in the game but, the neurotic is easy to spot.

  5. arturas rybakas says:

    Daniel R proper sharp player. Over all this festival is good vibe. I like the screen behind feature table – recording Uruguay beach in punta.

  6. uruglytoo says:

    these dudes are SO boring…

  7. salad-Nach0 says:

    That weirdo who kept banging the table… lmao. So weak.

  8. Dreamer GK says:

    so tide player wtf ,where are you chinooooo

  9. Ed Kasprzak says:

    606 49 in I see head phone man has a K

  10. Elton Lennon says:

    Vai da BRASIL

  11. neville mignot says:

    Nothing more annoys me in games, of players showing just one card……………………………………Well i guess that is why they do it!!

  12. libertad o muerte says:

    q empomada te pegaste Edu jajajajaj

  13. Gary McCluer says:

    Sunglasses and trying to hide your face is so annoying, just wear a hat if u have to

  14. Victor Rodriguez says:

    That cough @19:00 … run everyone lol

  15. Nobody But You says:

    Yo man not a good time for poker

  16. ZimZombi says:

    Are these guys noobs?

  17. Kouame Doh says:

    can ya analyze the game for us?thank u

  18. Superpasi7 says:

    Why are they still playing live Poker just stop it already

  19. josh Stewart says:

    Charles lol

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