18 thoughts on “MILLIONS UK 2020 | NLH $10okay Principal Occasion Day 2 | FULL STREAM | Match Poker | partypoker”
  1. SystemExclusive says:

    how can u continue reporting with such a cough. Its so annoying for listeners. cmon just go home when you are sick wtf

  2. SystemExclusive says:

    coughs like that are history these days. im sure you would have corona

  3. Schartz55 says:

    1:51:18 imagine someone hacking like that at your table these days

  4. Cooper Lindsay says:

    The noisy car relatedly claim because language uncommonly analyse throughout a awesome estimate. rhetorical, one nepal

  5. Trip D says:

    would wife liv

  6. Nick says:

    That christopher guy is so annoying

  7. Nick says:

    1:07:32 wow that fold really fuck me

  8. jim burchett says:

    anyone know the name of the intro song that plays in the first 29 seconds?

  9. Rosi Nach says:

    Liv looks near 50years old now

  10. Jason Levy says:

    Producer mistake. Use the same player names in the graphics that you use verbally. Or I don't know who you are talking about.

  11. asdfasdf asdfasdf says:

    pls change the commentaries thanks

  12. นายวีระศักดิ์ ทิมา says:

    Finally go home

  13. นายวีระศักดิ์ ทิมา says:

    RYAN 10 JQKA Not Calling What You Waiting For It Laps All In all. But lay down your hand

  14. Misterbillll says:

    THAT DEALER!!! HOLY HELL!!….. OH MY MY MY….who is she? WHO IS SHE??

  15. Mohammed Rahman says:

    Is that christopher tapped in the f*cking head ????

  16. Steven Mack says:

    Chris stay home!

  17. Doco KJ7SRP says:

    Get rid of the cougher! Close his mic. Disqualify him, anything…

  18. Diamondindadurb says:

    wooooow i am not a former WSOP Champion, but how can you fold there AJ in that spot with the history of that hand ??!!?!?!

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