31 thoughts on “Minecraft – HermitCraft S7#7: Stat Poker /w Tango”
  1. Karmingrün says:

    11:00 the moment the mycelium resistance entrance idea was born. Tango even saying "that's the best secret entrance ever" is so funny in retrospect

  2. Gerardo josé Velasco says:

    11:05 Strees getting into the resistance base be like:

  3. Hayden Nugent says:

    I want that build for Minecraft house

  4. Michael Woodward says:

    Watching this from the future and realized that this shucker trick is a major foreshadow

  5. Allen Buddy says:

    And so, the secret entrance to the mycelium resistance headquarters was invented

  6. AGENTaweshum says:

    hahaha I like how the shulker trick forewarn where the resistance will hide their base

  7. Payne_EMPIRE says:

    “Best secret door entrance” lol the Mycelium Resistance

  8. PrimroseDying says:

    I love how you put in your stat for villager trading, and everyone else online immediately started putting random numbers in, no hesitation

  9. Brian Fike says:

    The bet was for "traded with villagers" and you you read the statistic for "talking to villagers".

  10. nookkuli _ says:

    2:20 Etho's has traded with villagers 853 times and talked to them 417 times.

  11. Coldest says:

    We just watched tango and etho gamble for 30 minutes

  12. Fealuinix says:

    I just realized, Tango has a smelter farm you drop items in, that's why it's 6k

  13. dailygame says:

    Y’all shoulda had tokens to bet with that way you wouldn’t eventually run out of gravel/gunpowder due to the ante every time. then when y’all have had enough u ‘cash in’ the tokens for the appropriate mats

  14. Erik says:

    Ethos first hand was 853 trades !

  15. Kitty Karnations says:

    Can we just appreciate that hermitcraft is a place to create gamblers

  16. Isaac Evans says:

    5:08 Tango: alrighty tho I think we have our spot…
    he has a lithp?

  17. David Foster says:


  18. Justin Grover says:

    the house should take a percentage off the winner

  19. Frederick Martin says:

    Villager: You killed my cousin Jerry! Now I'm going to charge you 33 sticks for an emerald instead of 32, so there!

  20. Ghost Toast says:

    I like how Grian just assumes their saying random numbers and joins in

  21. the lizard says:

    Anyone else just watch grian but whenever he talks to anyone you watch that person from the beginning? Yeah that’s why I’m here lol. Been on a binge of etho. Would have stopped on the second episode if you were boring

  22. OGminecrafter says:

    hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper hopper dropper

  23. XempireX18 says:

    etho, you really need to check your eyes. you looked at the wrong number and then you cant even find the statistics menu. in all of the minecraft and terraria videos i watched, you struggle finding things that are right in front of you.

  24. FrenchExpat says:

    I like tango, he seems nice

  25. Faiien Wings says:

    For future reference: 11:00 is the shulker box drop. Don't need lack of headspace


    You gotta pad your obscure stats for the next time you play Etho. Start emptying those cauldrons. Awesome game btw, so much fun to watch.

  27. lance horton says:

    They need to build a casino with different games

  28. Monique Smith says:

    This was such a fun project and idea! I'd love to see more sometime

  29. Marius Cutitaru says:

    everything I got from here is that you spend 5 days playing poker????

  30. Alexis Peveler says:

    I feel like an interesting twist to that, s/he who opens the pot calls low or high. Since they're going in blind (others can react based on bets), give them the power of what the target is since they have to open with a bet.

  31. LunarAssassin says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't see the stats he's pointing at? Villagers killed and vexes killed, both he was pointing at Iron Golems…. I'm so confused

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