1. marc skiersobolski says:

    Hey mr Bigspin, you are a legend.

  2. Casino Stream says:

    What to watch whit my morning coffe . Some big wins ofcourse ! 😀

  3. Korbinian Koch says:

    Is there a reason for the hat?

  4. Research Slot Machine says:

    this nice win))

  5. David Bright says:

    Nice hit dude well done

  6. petar radulovic says:

    Can someone tell me how I can play on this app and pls name of this app

  7. stefan bjeletic says:

    first time here 😉

  8. veera mahendran al says:

    I join

  9. CasinoNews says:

    Epic win

  10. Arab in aktion says:

    Good freespins

  11. Djokonov Drionov says:


  12. Sotiry Ivanov says:

    fix the circles under your eyes

  13. Geoff Felton says:

    Fair play you deserve that well done keep it up!!

  14. Atorid Bulao says:

    Make like this 3times boss 🙂

  15. MitchelGames says:

    You forgot that full screen wild u got that paid 10k that is ur biggest win not this one -.-

  16. meridian paul says:

    Your guilty of the great train robbery

  17. Kris Black says:

    Nice win. I've never had that big of a win before. The biggest win I've had was just over 300x on return of kong. Great video, been following you for a few months now and look forward to seeing your videos

  18. Danas Naslenas says:

    congrats, Denis. I wish i had your gambling luck lol, sadly i can only lose 🙂

  19. Hakob Kassbarian says:

    Told you man Money train payzzzzzzzz 😉

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