16 thoughts on “Monopoly Planet Go 10 minute bonus win at Parx On line casino”
  1. gutbolt says:

    Wow nice job on that first space bonus. I've never lasted that long.

  2. tess hague says:

    I played this machine about a week ago and over a period of an hour and half, I won 1049.00. It was a blast. Lots of fun when you hit the bonus.

  3. Eric Davis says:

    what was the biggest win youve ever had?

  4. TalonRider says:

    Unfortunately, this machine and all the other Monopoly machines were removed from Parx. This was my favorite machine and I will miss it.

  5. Frsico Jones says:

    Great job on that bonus. I will be looking for this slot at foxwoods tonight.

  6. quincyhughes says:

    Great hit and great bonus. Absolutely the strangest slot machine I've ever seen.

  7. ShirtlessCubsFan says:

    That was the shortest bonus round I've ever seen.

  8. Casinomannj - Creative Slot Machine Bonus Videos says:

    Congratulations Pappy. I played this game at Harrah's in Vegas…it takes a while to trigger, but can be exciting once you're in.

  9. markm87124 says:

    Thanks for the answer to the question above and your videos are awesome. Sure enjoy all the uploads. Thanks so much for not betting 30¢ and making your videos enjoyable……

  10. TourDCouve says:

    Nice one!

  11. kidgamer2 says:

    Incredible. That's what I call a bonus round!

  12. Ronda Thieman says:

    Awesome bonus game!!! Congrats!

  13. Sjsuman5000 says:

    videopappy, that was one amazing first round of the Space Bonus I have to say.

  14. buckinghamnicks1983 says:

    Wow. We don't have any machines like that at my casino. Very entertaining.

  15. McAuley Video Mix says:

    I just had more fun watching this video than I've ever had playing this slot…lol

  16. SlotstoIdrop says:

    Way to Go!!

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