30 thoughts on “💥💥💥Moron Drives OVER 600 MILES For Penny Slots! 💥💥💥Island Resort And On line casino W/ SDGuy1234 💥💥💥”
  1. Adrian Chew says:

    Ok time to follow you along with this awesome trip to win some Merch cash

  2. Nicole Lapointe says:

    Who is Brent ?

  3. Robert Ebert says:

    Does anyone know if this casino has a wizard of oz machine?

  4. Aaron Bababooski says:

    In case anyone missed it 10:55

  5. Irene Silvas says:

    I was just wondering. Do you collect a lot of the free giveaways from the casinos?

  6. Pocket Aces says:

    Slots are growing on me.. 18 days & counting for my Vegas trip.

  7. iShocksonTV says:

    You should go to winstar work casino?

  8. rollercoasterXYZ says:

    I went to harrahs and won $740 total, because of covid they’re practically giving money away!

  9. Sean B says:

    Love your videos man – even more so when I'm stoned!

  10. Rhonda Byng says:

    Oh god I could've told you that casino sucks baaaaalls

  11. Justin Breedlove says:

    Larry out played your strategy

  12. Vegas Pete says:

    So You Just Ignoring Me Now Fine! Lol..VP

  13. Joyce Magonigal says:

    Larry needs a breath mint, lol!  Thanks for posting your slots especially during these times when many cannot visit a casino.

  14. Mr koko says:

    man wtf why you dont used MASK TAKE CARE STAY SAVE :)Good luck

  15. Pete Albertson says:

    SD Guy: thank you for bringing happiness to your viewers right up to the end of the world!

  16. Jason says:

    Dedication to the cause – immense 😀 Thanks, as always, SDGuy!

  17. Larry Preiser says:

    Ma'am I ordered more stuff. Classic line!!!

  18. Bertrelle Phillips says:

    Newbie!! I watched about 40 of your videos so far- please tell me the name of the $1 machine that you were playing .10 a line on and cleaning up on. Your groupie kitty. Bertrelle

  19. Randy Holcomb says:

    What did you know it finally lost a session

  20. Jennifer Prater says:

    My cousin and I drove 4 hours to Little River in Manistee Saturday, heading to FireKeepers tomorrow

  21. Mike hartjes says:

    What day did you go me and my dad where there last week when it opened and we won

  22. Kim B says:

    Hey!!! Good seeing you!! Good time. Ty

  23. SL0T _jUNKY says:

    I get that same hi pitch some times. strangely it only happes at casino. ugh, why

  24. Melba Wells says:

    Why did the medusa, look like one of the Olsen twins? Felicia Bitsh

  25. Jack Medcalf says:

    Thanks for all your hard work finding casinos . Your vids are awesome!

  26. tionick11 says:

    First bonus and I am thinking this isn't good.

  27. Ace130020111 says:

    I was just here 2 weeks ago!!

  28. izak wasserman says:

    lobstermania 3 is a joke lobstermania 2 is a much better game

  29. smashb13 says:

    I was just there this weekend!!!Those machines were tight!

  30. Vegas Envy says:

    Omg u crack me up, SD in the dark and then boom! There you are!

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