1. Headersbetter SLOTS says:

    Those were all great wins!!!

  2. Babyboomer56 says:

    fun to watch….with the sound off after the first 5 minutes. You gave me a headache talking continuously.

  3. Sherri Miles says:

    Nice run with this game but it was a rat race

  4. Sherri Miles says:


  5. mark ryan says:

    Come on down for the price is right! Winner of the Rat Race game!

  6. Deweese Ronnie says:

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  7. Colin Alford says:

    It was the magic Slot Queen 20 that did it, I remember those days so well. Great win and exciting rat race with the hubster. Love to see you and Mr BC play this just for the race. Keep the luck with you and big hugs from Spain x

  8. Pam Carter says:

    Wow that was great..
    I haven't played it yet..
    I love that show as a kid.

  9. Priscilla bohn says:

    1 mouse many mice

  10. Priscilla bohn says:

    I am an English major Teacher of 30 years it is MICE

  11. andy litchfield says:

    More videos of you playing price is right please

  12. God of Thunder says:

    Nice see y’all soon stopping in Reno May 1st and 2nd on my way to work for the month

  13. Sabrina Carten says:

    I'm with you Slot Queen. Spinning the wheel on Price is Right is a dream!!! Glad you did great!!

  14. Laura J Etheridge says:

    Fantastic win. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Take care

  15. Laurie Jo says:

    WoW! That was great!

  16. Regina's Adventures says:

    Mouse is one and more then that is mice

  17. eLem3nT says:

    HELLLOOO Rachel =)

  18. Patrick Ciciliano says:

    just to tell u they r rats

  19. Dani Money says:

    One more brilliant Slot Queen winning with the Queen Denom Rotating System ( aka the QDRS ) LoL , just love these videos when you collect and collect on the same ticket – wish you Continued GREAT LUCK – you admitted today sort off that you were born a gambler so you be H.R.H Slot Queen Gambler by Nature πŸ˜‰

  20. Christoph says:

    Because you asked – it's mouse – mice… and you've been playing the rat race bonus, so you called rats mice. Your bonuses had been really great. Now you can't say you can't get aany bonus on this game…

  21. Diane Gaudet says:

    Chiff Hanger

  22. Diane Gaudet says:

    I have no luck with it…. yet

  23. andy litchfield says:

    I love the cliffhanger bonus big potential

  24. Missy D’s Slots says:

    I’ve played, but never hit the bonus. This was HOT! Way to go!!!!

  25. CAL says:

    They are rats so it’s ratsas

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