19 thoughts on “MY BIGGEST BLUFF AT THE WYNN LAS VEGAS!! | Poker Vlog #45”
  1. frankd2111 says:

    Did you happen to find out what church that nice young lady attends?

  2. vlepo2000 says:

    He was looking, tilted his head and his side eye was on that lol

  3. Tom Murphy says:

    QT had hearts as well..?

  4. w o o says:

    Holy sht, church moment deserves a sub!

  5. Justin Escalona says:

    Let’s gooo

  6. Daph & Dill says:

    $149 profit is your biggest win at the Wynn? That’s just sad man!

  7. Nick Ortega says:

    The Church of Nalgas

  8. Johnny Wang says:

    You need to remove the “s” from your link for pocketjack because it’s not a secure connection that you are routing people to so all the browsers are alerting people that it might be suspicious. Just use http. Not https

  9. Randy Schatz says:

    Didn’t the guy have a flush/straight draw when he pushed on you with QT of hearts on the board of J83 with two hearts? Not that outrageous.

  10. Joe Irvine says:

    Your buddy Brad is my brother in law….

  11. Afghan Style says:

    Nice bluff

  12. Joseph Kelley says:

    The Catholic Cathedral is two blocks from the Wynn.

  13. Chris Brown says:

    Okay, constructive feedback. Your narration is very monotone. If you don’t want to add infliction to your voice, add some funny one liners during your explanations – that would work well. The break in the action was super funny! Find more of those entertaining opportunities. Change the horror movie font. Your intro was nicely done. Good luck – hope your next session is even more profitable!

  14. Brian Mcnett says:

    Don’t be a misogynist

  15. Rudy Vadbunker says:

    It’s “result oriented” bro. Enjoy your videos and cringe when I hear you say “results orientated”.

  16. Samuel Talbot says:

    Well done young man

  17. Richard Paul says:

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Happy Endings

  18. Emb Ro says:

    Pocket Jack is never a winner..

  19. Boen says:

    You should’ve jam AK suited pre

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